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Crossword Clues for DUPES

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Clue Source Date
Supposedly dismisses ploys and tricks Irish Times Crosaire 14 Oct 2020
Hoodwinks Eugene Sheffer 28 Jul 2020
Takes in Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2020
Plays for a patsy USA Today 24 Jul 2019
Scammers' victims USA Today 18 Jul 2019
Makes a fool of Newsday 29 May 2019
Swindles penny in fees The Sun Two Speed 25 Apr 2019
Fools or tricks The Sun Two Speed 25 Apr 2019
Preys on successfully Newsday 24 Mar 2018
Scammer's targets The Washington Post 05 Mar 2018
Easy marks USA Today 07 Jan 2018
Pulls a fast one on
Fools The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Deceives The Washington Post Sunday 17 Sep 2017
Con targets The Washington Post 12 Aug 2017
Fools, hoaxes The Guardian Speedy 03 Jun 2017
Easy targets Wall Street Journal 30 May 2017
Gullible sorts USA Today 22 Sep 2016
Repetitions, so to speak Newsday 18 Jun 2016
Tricks Jonesin 09 Feb 2016
Plays for a fool Universal 10 Dec 2015
Bamboozles New York Times 22 Feb 2015
Gullible guys
Fools, as I have never done to anyone in my life
Takes in, in a way
Con man's marks
1- and 64-Across, and the first words of the four longest puzzle answers
Con man's victims
Copies, briefly
Swindling victims
Fall guys
Suckers in
Easy marks.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.