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Crossword Clues for EATERS

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Clue Source Date
They may be picky Wall Street Journal 06 Mar 2021
They'd swallow anything to cure Teresa Irish Times Crosaire 23 Dec 2020
Diners Canadiana 20 Jan 2020
Lotus-___ (figures in the 'Odyssey') New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Some are picky Universal 26 May 2019
Restaurant patrons Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2019
They'd swallow anything to confuse Teresa Irish Times Crosaire 06 Mar 2019
Lotus-___ (figures in the "Odyssey")
Some county fair contestants USA Today 03 Oct 2018
Gourmands Universal 02 Apr 2018
Fire-___ (some sideshow performers) The Washington Post Sunday 11 Mar 2018
All restaurant patrons Family Time 01 Jan 2018
Cafe patrons Thomas Joseph 31 Dec 2016
Mess hall bunch Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2016
Beanery patrons Universal 24 May 2016
Ones having a bite LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2016
Cafeteria customers Universal 16 Mar 2016
Fork wielders Eugene Sheffer 20 Feb 2016
Those taking courses? The Washington Post 10 Jan 2016
Restaurant clientele USA Today 22 Sep 2015
Diner patrons Universal 16 Aug 2015
Cafeteria-goers USA Today 19 Jun 2015
Restaurant patrons, simplistically
Faith No More "Zombie ___"
"The Rat ___" Byzantine
Good diner patrons, e.g.
Van Gogh's "The Potato __"
Lotus ___ (listless race in Greek myth)
Faith No More: "Zombie ___"
Some kids are fussy ones
Ones at the feeding trough
Feast attendees, obviously
Patrons of 41-Across
Food consumers
Fast finishers?
Bistro patrons
Ones having a meal
Dreamers, to lotus flowers
Automat patrons
See 50 Across
Buffet patrons
Cafe customers
Cafe clientele
Dinner guests
Van Gogh's "The Potato ___"
Lotophagi, e.g.
Banquet guests
The Sprats, e.g.
The Sprats.
Knife-and-fork wielders.
Heavy ones get too heavy.
Dessert-lovers, for instance.
Jack Horner and others.
Beef ___.
Occupants of 18 Down.
Dinner guests.
Cafeteria customers.
Automat customers.
Cafe patrons.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.