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Crossword Clues for ECARDS

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Clue Source Date
Paperless birthday greetings USA Today 20 Dec 2020
Some last-minute birthday greetings LA Times Daily 07 May 2020
Online greetings Universal 13 Apr 2020
Online holiday greetings, e.g The New Yorker 24 Feb 2020
Freebies at Newsday 23 Nov 2019
Some online greetings Premier Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Digital birthday wishes Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2019
Digital greetings Universal 01 Apr 2019
Greetings from USA Today 13 Dec 2018
Virtual birthday greetings New York Times 27 Nov 2018
Virtual sentiment bearers Wall Street Journal 12 Jul 2018 offerings New York Times 29 Oct 2017
Last-minute birthday recognitions, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Oct 2017
PC-sent holiday greetings Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2017
Greetings from American Greetings LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2016
Modern birthday greetings LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2016
Clicked-open greetings Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
Animated greetings
Virtual greetings
Selections at
Online birthday greetings from a cheapskate
Online birthday greetings, e.g. purchases
Online competition for Hallmark
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.