Crossword Clues for EDWARD

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Clue Source Date
I-VIII; son of Queen Elizabeth II (6)
Winnie the Pooh, nominally a drawback for the editor (6)
Journalist having conflict with duke and king The Times Quick Cryptic 18 Apr 2024
"___ Scissorhands"; Johnny Depp movie
__ Elgar, composer (6)
Name of six kings of England (6)
He came to fame with his twin brother John on The X Factor in 2009 (6)
Composer, - - - Elgar Mirror Tea Time 04 Apr 2024
"___ Scissorhands"; Johnny Depp film
___ the Confessor, 11th-century king
--- the Confessor, 11th-century king The Times Concise 22 Mar 2024
He is, in short, a martial figure
He's just stepped down as editor of British Vogue (6,8)
Warded off Mr Woodward or Mr Scissorhands (6)
Duke of Edinburgh after Philip Newsday 09 Mar 2024
King seen in hackneyed war drama
He takes part in a spirited war dance
"____ Scissorhands"
Longshanks, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 17 Feb 2024
Man finally bound to support daughter in online spat? The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jan 2024
First name of Bear Grylls, British adventurer and TV presenter (6)
Warded off US actor Mr Norton (6)
Man with journalist, one in custody of another (6)
___ Scissorhands, film starring Johnny Depp (6)
Part of PEI LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2024
The Black Prince The Telegraph Quick 15 Jan 2024
English divine covering conflict (Confessor, possibly?) (6)
& 13 Across. Newcomer, inside, now adored twisted pioneer of lateral thinking (6,2,4)
Plantagenet king inside unleashed war dogs The Times Quick Cryptic 06 Jan 2024
British prince who is the current Duke of Edinburgh (6)
Palestinian-American academic much influenced by 2/13 (6,4)
Palestinian-American academic much influenced by 2/13 The Guardian Weekend 02 Dec 2023
Newsman __ R. Murrow Commuter 02 Dec 2023
Newsman ___ R. Murrow
"Twilight" vampire New York Times 28 Sep 2023
NSA whistleblower Snowden Universal 30 Aug 2023
Conflict embraced by European divine and former King The Telegraph Toughie 10 Aug 2023
Plantagenet king inside unleashed war dogs The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jul 2023
Confessor, say? The Telegraph Quick 11 Jun 2023
Bella's love in 'Twilight' Wall Street Journal 13 May 2023
King's wife in dread at sea The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Feb 2023
-- Woodward, actor The Telegraph Quick 12 Dec 2022
Ted The Telegraph Quick 10 Dec 2022
— Lear, nonsense poet The Times Concise 07 Nov 2022
Norton of "Fight Club" LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2022
Painter Hopper Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2022
Bella's vampire husband Universal 07 Sep 2022
— Lear, nonsense writer The Times Concise 23 Aug 2022
King of England from 1272 to 1307 The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 May 2022
___ Abbey, American environmental activist who wrote the book "Desert Solitaire"
Mr. Hyde’s first name Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2022
King, English, died following end of pitched battle
__ VII, proclaimed king on this day 1901 The Guardian Weekend 22 Jan 2022
Old King heading for European conflict in days The Times Cryptic 17 Jan 2022
Sir — Elgar, composer The Times Concise 11 Jan 2022
Lloyd ___ Elwyn Robertson, lead singer and guitarist of the band that wrote and recorded the theme for "The Big Bang Theory"
Man's name The Times Concise 25 Aug 2021
Third son of Queen Elizabeth II The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Jul 2021
___ Cullen, role played by Robert Pattinson in the "Twilight" series
— Lear, nonsense poet The Times Concise 12 May 2021
King Lear
English fighting over Germany to get daughter to an old king
Male journalist finally occupied covering conflict
"___ Scissorhands," 1990 fantasy romance film directed by Tim Burton starring, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder
Man's name The Times Concise 18 Sep 2020
Canada's Prince ___ Island New York Times 24 Aug 2020
King Lear?
Longshanks in some measure unleashed war dogs
Prince ___ Island Universal 02 Jun 2020
Longshanks, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 09 May 2020
One guy with another dependant
Scissorhands, e.g The Sun Two Speed 11 Apr 2020
Plantagenet inside released war dogs The Sun Two Speed 11 Apr 2020
The eighth one abdicated Irish Times Simplex 26 Mar 2020
Male given name which means “protector of wealth” The Times Specialist Sunday 08 Mar 2020
'Twilight' vampire The Washington Post 05 Mar 2020
"Twilight" vampire LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2020
Unleashed war dogs holding king The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2020
  Sketch of French revolutionary fellow
King Lear will provide two examples
— The Confessor The Times Concise 26 Nov 2019
Painter Hopper Thomas Joseph 18 Nov 2019
King and journalist with minor under guardianship
— Scissorhands The Times Concise 08 Aug 2019
Somehow drew diamonds, holding ace and king
Name of eight English kings LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2019
Name of eight English kings The Washington Post 07 Aug 2019
Ted The Telegraph Quick 06 Apr 2019
Name of eight English kings
Blackbeard's first name The New Yorker 27 Aug 2018
Name of several British kings Universal 26 Jul 2018
Joseph's role in 'Snowden' The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
"___ Scissorhands" Universal 14 Jul 2018
27 initially engendered conflict between daughters
King held within unleashed war dogs
Composer Elgar Thomas Joseph 03 Apr 2018
Lear, for example, as English king The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2018
"___ Scissorhands"
Name of several British kings
Royal personage? Journalist must take care The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2017
The prince in "The Prince and the Pauper" Family Time 05 Nov 2017
'___ Scissorhands' Jonesin 17 Oct 2017
Chap involved in noted war drama
Part of P.E.I New York Times 13 Aug 2017
Tie up trailing ends of rope loosened in Lear, maybe? The Telegraph Toughie 26 Apr 2017
England and Germany fighting over daughter of old king
Part of P.E.I.
Prince born in 1964 The Telegraph Quick 23 Dec 2016
Jointly the most popular name for a king of England The Guardian Speedy 11 Dec 2016
Playwright Albee LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2016
One of eight English kings New York Times 17 May 2016
Informant Snowden Premier Sunday 08 May 2016
Journalist keeps cutting of very small one of the 20A
King needing tips to end conflict with duke The Times Cryptic 13 Apr 2016
-- Heath, British PM The Telegraph Quick 05 Mar 2016
Prince showing journalist over in-patient area
Playwright Albee
— Lear; — Heath The Times Concise 20 Nov 2015
Man�s name The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2015
Journalist covering hostilities deserted old king
The Black Prince 1330-76 The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Feb 2015
"Twilight" vampire
Journo with plug about King Lear, say
Plantagenet located within released war dogs
Name of eight British kings
Prince and leading journalist campaigning with Duke
Telepathic "Twilight" vampire
__ Bear, original name of Winnie-the-Pooh
"__ Scissorhands"
"__ Scissorhands"
He wed a wild racy divorcee for starters
*Name of eight English kings
"Early Sunday Morning" artist Hopper
Teach the pirate
*Name of eight English kings
Famous Confessor
Kingly name, in Britain
Name of many English kings
Uncle of William and Harry
English king ___ Longshanks
British royal name
British kingly name
Brother of Prince Charles
"The Prince and the Pauper" prince
"Early Sunday Morning" artist Hopper
Actor Norton
King who united England
He gave up the throne for Wallis
The prince in "The Prince and the Pauper"
Ellington's real 80 Down
Prince __ Island
R. Murrow or G. Robinson
Duke Ellington's first name
Teller of nuclear secrets?
Mr. Scissorhands
English prince
First name of e.e. cummings
Whitey Ford's first name
First name of e.e. cummings
Playwright Albee
Senator Kennedy
The Black Prince
Prince in "The Prince and the Pauper"
___ VIII
Prince ___ Island
Playwright Albee
Wallace's duke
One of Charles's brothers
Actor Norton
The Black Prince
Dancer Villella
Poet Lear
Name of eight British kings
Part of P.E.I.
The Confessor king
Painter Hopper
Name of eight post-Norman English kings
A Kennedy
Name of eight English kings
Famed abdicator
Famous Confessor
Pooh, formally
He abdicated for love
"The Confessor"
Artist Hopper
The Black Prince or the Confessor
Name of eight post-Norman kings
Wars of the Roses king
One of a British eight
Albee or Villella
See 32 Across
Duke of Windsor
Queen Elizabeth's youngest.
Famous Windsor.
One of several English kings.
Duke of Kent.
Sen.Thye of Minnesota.
Father of George V.
Gov. Arn of Kansas.
Duke of Windsor.
Mr. Stanky of Brooklyn.
Governor General of Bahamas.
With 45-Across, 1-Across's love interest
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