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Crossword Clues for EEE

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Clue Source Date
Wide shoe width Newsday 09 Feb 2021
Wide shoe letters Newsday 01 Feb 2021
Pretty wide Newsday 15 Jan 2021
Shoe width Eugene Sheffer 06 Jan 2021
Wide shoe size The Washington Post 19 Oct 2020
Wide shoe spec Premier Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Shoebox notation Newsday 13 Sep 2020
Shoebox stamp Newsday 17 Jul 2020
Shoebox spec Newsday 09 Jul 2020
Shoebox letters The Washington Post 02 Apr 2020
Shoe size Canadiana 11 Nov 2019
Shoe box spec The Washington Post 15 Sep 2019
Letters on a loafer, maybe USA Today 25 May 2019
Superwide shoe spec New York Times 08 May 2019
21___ (Shaq's foot stat) Jonesin 16 Apr 2019
Wide shoe Newsday 14 Apr 2019
Boot stat Newsday 07 Mar 2019
Ultra-wide shoe width Jonesin 29 Jan 2019
Wide foot spec Premier Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Spec for 50 Down Newsday 06 Jul 2018
Big foot spec Premier Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Wide, as wingtips Newsday 29 Dec 2017
Essence of the puzzle's theme Newsday 10 Dec 2017
Extra-wide, as footwear goes Premier Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Oxford designation New York Times 09 Sep 2017
Loafer letters The Washington Post 17 Jun 2017
Extra-wide spec The Washington Post 06 May 2017
Shoe spec Newsday 04 May 2017
Shoebox stat Newsday 16 Apr 2017
Payless box letters LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2017
A foot wide? The Washington Post 08 Jan 2017
Wide-footwear letters Newsday 19 Dec 2016
Extra-wide, on a shoebox USA Today 10 Dec 2016
Big shoes to fill? LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2016
Shoebox specification Newsday 13 Nov 2016
Wide shoe marking Thomas Joseph 10 Oct 2016
Extra-wide, as shoes go USA Today 09 Sep 2016
Wide foot indicator Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2016
Wingtip width Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2016
Specialty shoe spec New York Times 24 Jul 2016
Thom McAn spec LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2016
Rare shoe width LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2016
Broad shoe size LA Times Daily 15 May 2016
Big foot letters LA Times Daily 08 May 2016
Wide indication Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
Ultra-wide shoe size Jonesin 19 Apr 2016
Seldom-stocked shoe size Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2016
Brannock Device reading Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2016
Broad size Newsday 12 Feb 2016
Very wide, on shoeboxes The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Dec 2015
Wide size LA Times Daily 05 Dec 2015
Letters on a wide wedgie, maybe The Washington Post 13 Nov 2015
Clown shoe spec Eugene Sheffer 03 Nov 2015
Large Hush Puppy USA Today 22 Aug 2015
Extra-wide shoe size Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2015
Width measure LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2015
Quite-wide shoe size USA Today 16 Jul 2015
Having a large footprint? New York Times 06 Jun 2015
Broad brogue designation Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2015
Boot spec The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Jan 2015
Really big shoe LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2015
Shoe width least resembling AAA
Brannock Device measurement
Shoe box marking
Excited shriek
Oxford marking
Broad brogan letters
Wider shoe than even this theme suggests
Very wide shoe size
Wide-shoe letters
Fat foot spec
Term for a broad brogue
Spec for some pumps
Shoe box letters
Letters on some loafers
ASUS netbook
Fat mule marking, perhaps
Broad letters on a box
Broad brogue letters
Large shoe size
Ample shoe width
Substantial shoe spec
Shoe specification
Brogan classification
Broad foot letters
Bootery spec
Shrieky sound
Trigram on some shoeboxes
Extra-wide shoe spec
A foot wide measurement?
A really big shoe
Very wide, in a way
Bigfoot's shoe size?
AAA's opposite, in shoes
Wide shoe specification
Letters on a Florsheim box
Width designation
Uncommon size
64-Across spec
Big foot
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