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Word "EERILY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
in an unnatural eery manner
it was eerily quiet in the chapel

Crossword Clues for EERILY

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Clue Source Date
In a creepy way Wall Street Journal 25 Feb 2021
Levitations from reality television, in a spooky way Irish Times Crosaire 19 Feb 2021
Strangely The Times Concise 15 Dec 2020
See rage held back on the inside, strangely The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2020
In a strange way Newsday 03 May 2020
In a weird way Universal 27 Feb 2020
Weirdly The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2019
E Riley moving strangely The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2019
Spookily The Telegraph Quick 12 Oct 2019
A la King? Universal 07 Sep 2019
In a 24-Across way Family Time 13 Jan 2019
In an unnatural way, truly, the leader is replaced The Telegraph Toughie 30 Oct 2018
In a manner designed to chill Newsday 26 Oct 2018
How Poe wrote? Universal 16 Sep 2018
Weirdly, frighteningly The Times Concise 24 May 2018
À la King The Washington Post 21 Jan 2018
In a very spooky manner Universal 16 Sep 2017
In a creepy, macabre way Universal 02 May 2017
In a macabre manner Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2016
So as to produce goose bumps Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2015
In a spine-tingling way Universal 25 Oct 2015
How ghost stories are told LA Times Daily 27 Mar 2015
How one person might resemble another
In a scary way
In a spooky way
How haunted houses creak
With an air of mystery
In a chilling manner
How something might be familiar
How zombies walk
À la King?
As if by magic, maybe
In a spooky manner
In a macabre way
With chilling effect
In a weird manner
As Poe might
In an uncanny manner
How banshees wail
In a fearful manner.
In a creepy way.
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