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Crossword Clues for EINS

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Clue Source Date
One, in German USA Today 05 Apr 2021
A quarter of vier New York Times 28 Feb 2021
German for "one" Universal 10 Feb 2021
Fifth of fünf New York Times 04 Dec 2020
Wolfgang's one Newsday 29 Nov 2020
Start of a German count New York Times 22 Jul 2020
Starting point for a German count New York Times 03 Jun 2020
Wolfgang’s one Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2020
German count’s start Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2019
Fifth of fünf ... or, with a possible contestant on 115 Across, jockey straps held by a Marxist revolutionary? The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
70 Across, auf Deutsch The Washington Post Sunday 18 Aug 2019
Half of zwei Universal 19 Jul 2019
German one New York Times 24 Apr 2019
Drei minus zwei Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2019
28-Across, in German The Washington Post 07 Aug 2018
One in Berlin The Washington Post 16 Jun 2018
Berliner's 35 Across Newsday 13 Apr 2018
Start of a Cologne count Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2018
It comes before zwei Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2017
Number before zwei Jonesin 10 Oct 2017
51 Down minus zwei The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
Ones, in Wachhtendonk Canadiana 19 Jun 2017
German count's start Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2017
Bavarian count opener LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2016
Zehn minus neun LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2016
One in Wiesbaden Jonesin 01 Dec 2015
One, to Beethoven LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2015
Saxon one Newsday 05 Sep 2015
One, in Austria New York Times 09 Apr 2015
Zwei halved The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Mar 2015
Almost null? LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2015
One in Munich
Beethoven's first?
One, to Goethe
Hamburger's one
___, zwei, drei
German cardinal
___, zwei, drei ...
One, in Oldenburg
German opener
A tenth of zehn
One, to some
One, in Cologne
"__, zwei, drei"
One of the German states?
German "one"
Weimar one
German unity
One in Kraftwerk
German count start
Cardinal for Cardinal Ratzinger
One from Germany
One, in Weimar
Zwei ÷ zwei
"Zwei" preceder
Stuttgart single
One abroad
Fünf minus vier
Karl Marx's one
Sieben seventh
Fünf fifth
"Drei" less "zwei"
__, zwei, drei ...
One, in Wiesbaden
German's "one"
One on an autobahn?
German ace?
Word from a German count
One in Weimar
Zwei leader
One from Beethoven
One from Germany?
Beethoven's one
Frankfurter's one
Ones, in Berlin
'--, zwei, drei . . .'
One overseas
Nuremburg number
One, to Wagner
One of the Von Trapps?
"Drei" minus "zwei"
Start of a German series
Hessian one
One, in Bonn: pl.
Hamburg units
A little German number
Oberhausen one
Nuremberg number
One in Bonn
One, in Köln
Drei from vier
Word from a Teutonic count
One in Bonn
Minor German count
German number
Zwei from drei
One, to Hans
One of a Kind?
One, in Bonn
___, zwei . . .
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.