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Word "ELATED" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
full of high-spirited delight
gleeful, joyful, jubilant

Part of Speech:
exultantly proud and joyful; in high spirits
the elated winner
felt elated and excited

Crossword Clues for ELATED

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Clue Source Date
On cloud nine Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2021
Highly delighted Irish Times Simplex 06 Feb 2021
Overjoyed Universal 25 Jan 2021
Walking on air LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2021
Flying high LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2020
In high spirits like the white rabbit captured by writer Irish Times Crosaire 11 Dec 2020
In high spirits The Times Concise 20 Nov 2020
Ecstatically happy Irish Times Simplex 12 Sep 2020
Up after midnight in central part of Sweden The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2020
Euphoric The Times Concise 06 Sep 2020
Jubilant journalist following story in review The Telegraph Toughie 28 Apr 2020
Walking on air like sisters heading off Irish Times Crosaire 15 Feb 2020
Thrilled beyond belief The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jan 2020
Over the moon Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2019
Delighted The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2019
Knocking back beer, Cruz possibly is very happy The Telegraph Toughie 03 Oct 2019
Gleeful The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2019
Exhilarated, highly excited Irish Times Simplex 07 Jun 2019
Delighted to have got on without introduction The Telegraph Toughie 08 May 2019
Blissful Jonesin 19 Feb 2019
Some prelate disappointed or delighted? The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2019
Glad and then some The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Delighted journalist after having seen story rejected The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jan 2019
Story rejected by news boss, delighted The Sun Two Speed 17 Dec 2018
Cock-a-hoop about former education The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2018
Delighted, ecstatic Irish Times Simplex 23 Oct 2018
Bursting with joy USA Today 21 Sep 2018
Jubilant Family Time 29 Jul 2018
Thrilled The Telegraph Quick 21 Jul 2018
Writer admits being behind with deadline for High Spirits Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jun 2018
Thrilled by story set up by writer Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jun 2018
Opposite of ''blue'' Newsday 14 Apr 2018
Thrilled when story is returned to journalist The Sun Two Speed 04 Feb 2018
Ecstatic The Sun Two Speed 04 Feb 2018
Tickled pink Newsday 10 Jan 2018
Exultant The Telegraph Quick 11 Sep 2017
Newspaperman secures, dead chuffed The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2017
Made joyful Universal 21 Jul 2017
Buoyed up The Washington Post 30 Dec 2016
Journalist covering peculiar tale is jubilant The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Oct 2016
Highly happy Premier Sunday 02 Oct 2016
On top of the world Universal 29 Sep 2016
Thrilled story comes back from writer Irish Times Crosaire 24 Sep 2016
Kin could be this happy behind Republican The Telegraph Toughie 19 Aug 2016
Thrilled story comes back to journalist Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jul 2016
Carried away LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2016
Pleased as punch USA Today 10 Jan 2016
In high spirits, editor about fantastic tale The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2015
Really happy Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2015
Very happy to be as one of the family but not the head of it The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Nov 2015
Happy journalist keeps missing the deadline? The Telegraph Toughie 15 Sep 2015
Thrilled editor's about overdue The Telegraph Cryptic 14 May 2015
Excited and thrilled Universal 24 Jan 2015
Very happy story backed by editor The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2015
More than pleased Canadiana 12 Jan 2015
On a high
Happy as a lark
Very happy
Very pleased
Made happy
Thrilled to pieces
High on happiness
Opposite of down
Happy as a clam
Very, very happy
Thrilled no end
Made joyous
Floating on air
Filled with joy
In hog heaven
Beside oneself with joy
Stoked, and then some
Full of high spirits
Extremely happy
Riding high
Tickled to death
In a high-fiving mood
Made very happy
In seventh heaven
Thrillled to death
Jumping for joy
Past happy
Pleased as Punch
Feeling groovy
Thrilled to death
36 Up
Made glad
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