Crossword Clues for ELBOWS

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Clue Source Date
Macaroni shapes Eugene Sheffer 22 Jun 2022
Macaroni often used in cold salads LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2022
Arm joints Irish Times Simplex 25 Apr 2022
Arm joints The Times Concise 11 Feb 2022
Pushes joints? Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2022
Macaroni shapes Universal 03 Jan 2022
Arm joints Irish Times Simplex 15 Nov 2021
Some pipe joints LA Times Daily 08 Jul 2021
Some pipe joints The Washington Post 08 Jul 2021
Arm joints The Times Concise 20 Jun 2021
Some pasta Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2021
Joints used in triceps extensions USA Today 24 Mar 2021
Macaroni shapes Eugene Sheffer 18 Nov 2020
Arm joints Irish Times Simplex 10 Nov 2020
Bending pipes New York Times 09 Jul 2020
Macaroni shapes Jonesin 02 Jun 2020
Arm joints Newsday 13 Aug 2019
Bodily joints Premier Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Funny bone spots USA Today 03 Apr 2019
Some macaroni Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2019
Joints affected by playing tennis The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Some macaroni
Funny bone spots
They're rubbed when mingling LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2018
They're rubbed when mingling The Washington Post 05 Aug 2018
Patch spots Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2018
Jabs, in a way New York Times 22 Jul 2018
Pushes joints? Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2018
Body benders Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2018
Nudges New York Times 10 Feb 2018
Jabs, in a way
They're rubbed when mingling
Ends of radii
Patch spots
Mac with cheese Newsday 03 Aug 2017
Pasta picks New York Times 30 Apr 2017
Pasta picks
Rudely jabs The Washington Post 16 Dec 2016
Mac often under cheese Newsday 18 Nov 2016
Arm joints Premier Sunday 17 Jul 2016
Mac seen with cheese Newsday 01 Apr 2016
Drinkers' benders The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jan 2016
Things aggressive people may throw
Arm joints Universal 08 Aug 2015
Angel-hair alternative Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Arm joints
Angel-hair alternative
Jabbers, at times
Acts pushy, in a way
Macaroni noodles
Macaroni shapes
Table no-nos
Table no-nos
Bony jabbers
Rudely jabs
Places for patches
Some macaroni
Newbie rollerblader's sore spots
Some macaroni
Spots for some patches
Bony jabbers
Some pipe fittings
Spots for some patches
Macaroni, perhaps
You can lean on them
Jostles in a rude way
Bony jabbers
Bony jabbers
Shoves aside
Macaroni noodles
Nudges, in a way
Funny-bone sites
Nudges rudely
Muscles (through), as a crowd
Muscles (through), as a crowd
Pasta shapes
They're thrown in basketball games
Macaroni shapes
Macaroni noodles
Jostling joints?
Wades through a crowd
They may be thrown on the basketball court
Macaroni shapes
Acts pushy
Rub ___ with (hobnob)
Rush-hour weapons on subways
Pipe fittings
Bowties alternative
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