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Crossword Clues for ELEC

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Clue Source Date
Utility abbr LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2021
Power co. supply Eugene Sheffer 19 Feb 2021
Util. measured in kWh Universal 19 Jan 2021
The 'E' in PG&E: Abbr New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Certain util Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2020
Power co. output LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2020
Part of GE: Abbr The Washington Post 03 Aug 2020
TVA output The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Juice for PCs The Washington Post 30 Nov 2019
Util. supply The Washington Post 13 Oct 2019
Certain utility: Abbr New York Times 12 Aug 2019
E.E. part (Abbr.) USA Today 24 May 2019
Monthly utility bill: Abbr Newsday 14 May 2019
Monthly util. bill The Washington Post 25 Mar 2019
Monopoly co Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2019
Monopoly co.
Certain utility: Abbr.
Power co. product The Washington Post 17 Oct 2018
Util. bill item Wall Street Journal 07 Jul 2018
'Juice': Abbr New York Times 17 Apr 2018
Standard util New York Times 22 Feb 2018
Util. measured in kilowatt-hours The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Feb 2018
Standard util.
"Juice": Abbr.
Util. bill Eugene Sheffer 07 Dec 2017
Util. bill portion Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2017
Solar prod The Washington Post 07 Apr 2017
Utility abbr.
Solar prod.
TVA product (Abbr.) USA Today 16 Dec 2016
TVA product Newsday 09 Oct 2016
Tesla's field (Abbr.) USA Today 22 Aug 2016
A util USA Today 05 Aug 2016
Part of GE Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2016
Tesla power source: Abbr New York Times 15 Jun 2016
"Juice" (Abbr.) Universal 25 Apr 2016
Type of engineering, for short USA Today 02 Apr 2016
Monthly pmt LA Times Daily 20 Mar 2016
Juice: Abbr LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2016
Basic util Newsday 21 Feb 2016
Wire transfer?: Abbr New York Times 05 Feb 2016
Power co. production Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2016
Utility measured in kilowatt hrs LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2016
A util.
Wire transfer?: Abbr.
Tesla power source: Abbr.
Utility measured in kilowatt hrs.
Like some fans and fences: Abbr New York Times 10 Jul 2015
What a conductor may conduct: Abbr LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2015
Monthly bill: Abbr New York Times 06 Jun 2015
Pt. of GE USA Today 02 May 2015
Like many stoves: Abbr New York Times 02 May 2015
Juice you can't drink: Abbr LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2015
Wire service?: Abbr LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2015
Monthly bill: Abbr.
Like some fans and fences: Abbr.
Like many stoves: Abbr.
Wire service?: Abbr.
What a conductor may conduct: Abbr.
Monthly pmt.
Juice you can't drink: Abbr.
Type of engr.
TVA product (abbr.)
Part of G.E. (abbr.)
Physics class subj.
Kind of engr.
G.E. component: Abbr.
Power co. service
Gas partner: Abbr.
Gas alternative: Abbr.
Fridge juice: Abbr.
Monthly utility bill (abbr.)
Monopoly util.
Common utility abbreviation
Dryer choice: Abbr.
Basic util.
Faraday's field: Abbr.
Certain util.
The "E" of G.E.: Abbr.
A.C. or D.C.
Juice, for short
Wire transfer? (abbr.)
Household util.
TVA concern
Engineering specialty: Abbr.
Like some heat: Abbr.
Light source: Abbr.
TAE's field
One type of util.
T.V.A. output
Like many appliances: Abbr.
Util. payment
Lighting svc.
Juice: Abbr.
Power plant output (abbr.)
It's measured in amperes (abbr.)
"Monopoly" util.
Monthly util.
It's measured in amperes: Abbr.
It may be D.C.
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