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Word "ELECT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an exclusive group of people
one of the elect who have power inside the government

Part of Speech:
selected as the best
an elect circle of artists

Part of Speech:
I elected to have my funds deposited automatically

Crossword Clues for ELECT

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Clue Source Date
Verb on a campaign sign USA Today 26 Feb 2021
Single out LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2021
Vote into office USA Today 12 Feb 2021
Vote in the Spanish on European court The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2021
Put in office Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2021
Campaign poster verb Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2021
Send to the Hill LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2021
Choose by a vote USA Today 10 Jan 2021
Put into office The Times Concise 18 Nov 2020
Choose, as a senator Universal 11 Nov 2020
Pick at the polls LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2020
Pick via ballot The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2020
Give seat to European in the Spanish court The Sun Two Speed 24 Sep 2020
Vote in The Telegraph Quick 23 Sep 2020
''To-be-soon'' ender Newsday 12 Sep 2020
Choose by ballot The Washington Post 10 Aug 2020
People chosen in climate lectures The Sun Two Speed 05 Aug 2020
People chosen among Oxbridge lecturers The Sun Two Speed 16 Jul 2020
Campaign sign verb USA Today 30 Jun 2020
Chosen people in SAGE lectured The Sun Two Speed 15 Jun 2020
Give a seat to Wall Street Journal 09 May 2020
Verb on a campaign button Universal 31 Mar 2020
Make a choice Universal 22 Feb 2020
Campaign sign word The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Choose Thomas Joseph 26 Dec 2019
Pick The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Choose (to) Premier Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Choose to serve Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Chosen people in science lectures The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2019
Campaign button verb Newsday 29 Sep 2019
Verb on a campaign poster Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2019
Campaign poster word USA Today 09 Sep 2019
Vote for The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2019
Vote into office people chosen The Sun Two Speed 01 Sep 2019
Bumper sticker word The Washington Post 27 Aug 2019
President-___ New York Times 14 Jul 2019
Pick, in November The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jul 2019
Chosen people — some deselected! The Sun Two Speed 06 Jul 2019
Put into office with patois from police state Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jun 2019
Send to the Capitol USA Today 24 May 2019
Send to the House, say The Washington Post Sunday 05 May 2019
Chosen people, in trouble, lectured The Sun Two Speed 09 Apr 2019
It means 'choose' with or without a starting S The Washington Post Sunday 07 Apr 2019
Selectors to drop Ross or give him the seat? Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2019
Opt for some science lectures The Sun Two Speed 04 Mar 2019
People chosen, European, in the Spanish court The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2019
Opt (to) Newsday 10 Feb 2019
Choose for office Universal 09 Feb 2019
Choose politically Universal 29 Jan 2019
Pick by ballot Premier Sunday 27 Jan 2019
Word after president or governor New York Times 25 Jan 2019
Chosen people seen in these lectures The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2018
Choose, as a governor Universal 28 Nov 2018
Vote into office and pick leader off The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Nov 2018
Choose for an office Newsday 10 Oct 2018
Chosen people in science lecture The Sun Two Speed 29 Sep 2018
Make a president Family Time 09 Sep 2018
Be a majority voter Universal 05 Sep 2018
Office-seeker's verb Universal 30 Aug 2018
Choose a president Universal 29 Aug 2018
Some free lectures for chosen people The Sun Two Speed 26 Aug 2018
Governor or senator follower New York Times 24 Aug 2018
Word on many campaign stickers New York Times 15 Jun 2018
Vote into power The Times Concise 30 May 2018
Partly free lectures for chosen people The Sun Two Speed 07 May 2018
Power up? New York Times 11 Mar 2018
Send to the Senate, say USA Today 19 Feb 2018
Campaign ad word USA Today 18 Feb 2018
Word whose meaning remains unchanged when an 's' is added to the front New York Times 15 Dec 2017
Chosen few New York Times 14 Dec 2017
Put into a seat USA Today 25 Nov 2017
Give a seat New York Times 14 Oct 2017
Put in a seat? Jonesin 10 Oct 2017
Send to the Hill, say USA Today 08 Oct 2017
Choose at the polls Newsday 24 Sep 2017
November lawn sign verb Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2017
Word in political ads USA Today 10 Jul 2017
Choose formally Newsday 01 Jun 2017
Choose new bracelet, not needing female support The Telegraph Toughie 18 May 2017
Choose to put up with the Left rather than the Right The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Mar 2017
Current cut off from Rhode Island, city awaiting power The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2017
Determine in favor of Newsday 21 Jan 2017
Word whose meaning remains unchanged when an "s" is added to the front
Return from the Spanish refurbishment, etc. Irish Times Crosaire 03 Nov 2016
Choose by majority vote LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2016
Give the most votes The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Sep 2016
Send to city hall, say USA Today 20 Sep 2016
Make president Universal 05 Sep 2016
Send to Congress Universal 04 Sep 2016
Choose by popular vote Universal 30 Aug 2016
A-list Universal 18 May 2016
Campaign verb Universal 03 May 2016
The Spanish and French, having caught cold, return The Telegraph Toughie 26 Apr 2016
Pick out Newsday 21 Apr 2016
Opt Premier Sunday 27 Mar 2016
Suffix meaning ''in soon'' Newsday 19 Mar 2016
Campaign poster plea Universal 20 Feb 2016
Vote for; choose The Telegraph Quick 15 Feb 2016
Word on campaign signs USA Today 03 Feb 2016
Opt for Newsday 25 Dec 2015
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.