Word "ELEVEN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a team that plays football
football team

Part of Speech:
the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
11, xi

Part of Speech:
being one more than ten
11, xi

Crossword Clues for ELEVEN

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Clue Source Date
Only two-digit number spelled without the letter "T" LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2022
The number of sides of a hendecagon The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Jul 2022
Football team Eugene Sheffer 07 Jul 2022
Football team The Times Concise 23 Jun 2022
Number The Times Concise 09 Jun 2022
"Stranger Things" character whose name is a number Universal 08 Jun 2022
Football team drawn after the Spanish The Times Cryptic 04 May 2022
Cross with one representative of this cricket side The Times Cryptic 03 May 2022
A number participating in duel eventually The Times Cryptic 12 Apr 2022
For a Spaniard, the regular team The Times Cryptic 07 Apr 2022
Prime number The Times Concise 05 Apr 2022
"Stranger Things" character Eugene Sheffer 04 Apr 2022
Number on a soccer team Irish Times Simplex 18 Mar 2022
Number of the Spanish flat The Times Cryptic 18 Mar 2022
Regularly sells uniform for cricket team The Times Cryptic 10 Mar 2022
A dozen minus one New York Times 07 Mar 2022
Football team level with the Spanish earlier The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2022
Football team Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2022
Football team The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2021
Number on a soccer team Irish Times Simplex 12 Oct 2021
Soccer team Canadiana 13 Sep 2021
XI Irish Times Simplex 01 Sep 2021
______pipers piping Canadiana 30 Aug 2021
Late news hour The Washington Post Sunday 04 Jul 2021
Football team Eugene Sheffer 02 Jul 2021
Nightly news hour Newsday 23 Jun 2021
Square root of 121 USA Today 18 Jun 2021
High dice roll Premier Sunday 06 Jun 2021
Eggo-loving 'Stranger Things' character USA Today 05 Jun 2021
Number on a soccer team Irish Times Simplex 29 May 2021
XI Irish Times Simplex 08 May 2021
Regular on the Spanish team? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Apr 2021
Setting on Spinal Tap’s amps Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2021
Football team The Sun Two Speed 13 Apr 2021
Errol, disheartened, quits side The Sun Two Speed 13 Apr 2021
Players finally arrive at Scottish loch The Sun Two Speed 17 Mar 2021
Levene managed side The Sun Two Speed 13 Jan 2021
XI Universal 11 Jan 2021
Millie Bobby Brown's numerically named role on 'Stranger Things' The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Big roll New York Times 31 Dec 2020
Late hour Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2020
Football side The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Team in the Spanish square The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2020
Number of sides on a hendecagon New York Times 25 Oct 2020
Number of players per team on a football field Universal 12 Oct 2020
Number of NBA titles won by Bill Russell The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Disheartened Ezekiel quits team The Sun Two Speed 08 Sep 2020
Number The Times Concise 05 Sep 2020
Highest volume setting on a Spinal Tap amp The Washington Post Sunday 26 Jul 2020
For Spaniards the square number The Sun Two Speed 21 Jul 2020
Sports side The Sun Two Speed 21 Jul 2020
High dice roll The Washington Post 13 Jul 2020
High dice roll LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2020
Euell, gutted, quits team The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2020
6-Down plus one Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Close to a dozen Premier Sunday 22 Mar 2020
Team quits after Spanish article The Sun Two Speed 05 Feb 2020
Two-digit prime USA Today 19 Dec 2019
Still following the Spanish team The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2019
Numerical pair? The Washington Post 30 Nov 2019
Numerical pair? LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2019
“Stranger Things” girl Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2019
Gridiron complement The Washington Post 06 Nov 2019
Gridiron complement LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2019
Team in the Spanish square The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Nov 2019
Soccer complement USA Today 18 Oct 2019
Team The Telegraph Quick 17 Oct 2019
Second-highest Monopoly roll Universal 09 Jun 2019
Craps natural Thomas Joseph 08 Jun 2019
Number; soccer team The Times Concise 03 Jun 2019
Football team Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2019
Cricket team? The Telegraph Quick 23 Apr 2019
One after another? New York Times 20 Apr 2019
Players finally arrive at Kinross loch The Telegraph Toughie 27 Mar 2019
Side of the Spanish square The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2019
News hour Thomas Joseph 16 Feb 2019
TV news time Newsday 27 Jan 2019
Curfew, maybe New York Times 24 Jan 2019
Prime team? The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2019
Soccer complement
One after another?
Curfew, maybe
Second-highest Monopoly roll
Cricket team ... The Telegraph Quick 22 Dec 2018
Craps roll Thomas Joseph 12 Nov 2018
Rolled natural Universal 02 Nov 2018
"Stranger Things" role The New Yorker 01 Oct 2018
Nine and two Premier Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Big dice roll Universal 25 Aug 2018
Football team score with nine sent off? The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jul 2018
Team the French put into short race? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2018
Regular supporting the Spanish team The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jul 2018
Ace's blackjack value, sometimes Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2018
Prime-time conclusion Newsday 07 Jun 2018
Prime number The Telegraph Quick 28 May 2018
Brunch time, maybe New York Times 18 May 2018
Number in team The Telegraph Quick 11 Apr 2018
Early lunch hour, perhaps USA Today 30 Mar 2018
Setting on Spinal Tap's amps Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2018
Late morning Newsday 18 Mar 2018
Mysterious girl on "Stranger Things" LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2018
Mysterious girl on 'Stranger Things' The Washington Post 08 Mar 2018
One after kiss for team? The Telegraph Toughie 07 Mar 2018
One by one? Universal 19 Feb 2018
Rolled natural
Big dice roll
One by one?
Early lunch hour, perhaps
Ace's blackjack value, sometimes
Brunch time, maybe
Cricket complement USA Today 16 Dec 2017
How many letters are in the longest answers in this puzzle - or how many of these answers there are New York Times 11 Nov 2017
Number to the left? The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2017
Value of an ace, sometimes USA Today 17 Sep 2017
Ace's value, perhaps Wall Street Journal 16 Sep 2017
Soccer team Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2017
Number of sides on a loonie New York Times 05 Aug 2017
Craps 'natural' Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2017
Pair of ones? The Washington Post 09 Jun 2017
Pair of ones? LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2017
Time for a coffee in the Spanish fair The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2017
Carol's piper complement Newsday 30 Mar 2017
In Madrid, it's the characteristic of four in side The Telegraph Toughie 09 Feb 2017
Max on a Spinal Tap amp, famously The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Feb 2017
Prime time for a snack The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jan 2017
Football complement Universal 13 Jan 2017
Train, in America, regular soccer team? The Times Cryptic 05 Jan 2017
Football complement
Cricket complement
Value of an ace, sometimes
Max on a Spinal Tap amp, famously
How many letters are in the longest answers in this puzzle - or how many of these answers there are
Number of sides on a loonie
Pair of ones?
One after another? The Washington Post 24 Dec 2016
Number classically in exile The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Dec 2016
Late morning time Premier Sunday 13 Nov 2016
One plus one? New York Times 30 Oct 2016
It's a natural New York Times 10 Sep 2016
A craps natural USA Today 16 Aug 2016
Cross one getting time for a break? The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jul 2016
Football team Thomas Joseph 22 Jul 2016
Bingo's 'legs'? The Guardian Quick 18 Jun 2016
Soccer team complement Newsday 11 May 2016
Late hour, for some Jonesin 19 Apr 2016
It may represent November New York Times 15 Apr 2016
Hour before noon Newsday 12 Apr 2016
Thus the chancellor begins his address in the Spanish uniform The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2016
Cricket team The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2016
Prime-time ender USA Today 29 Feb 2016
A number The Times Concise 23 Feb 2016
A craps natural
It's a natural
One plus one?
Team members needed to carry out piping The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
5 and his fellow players counted in cricket side The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2015
Cricket team quorum The Washington Post 19 Dec 2015
Soccer team count The Washington Post 23 Nov 2015
Amp setting for Spinal Tap Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2015
Nightly news hour, often Universal 31 Aug 2015
7-__ LA Times Daily 23 Aug 2015
Cross with one being very much 8? The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2015
Late news hour LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2015
Nearing midnight New York Times 29 Apr 2015
Team from the heart of Mexico, capped? The Telegraph Toughie 14 Apr 2015
Gridiron complement USA Today 18 Feb 2015
Prime-time ender Newsday 18 Feb 2015
Late news time LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2015
Ace high? New York Times 07 Feb 2015
Cardinal often represented by cross preceding one The Times Cryptic 19 Jan 2015
Lorca's The Square Number The Times Cryptic 02 Jan 2015
Soccer team count
Prime-time ender
Nightly news hour, often
Natural in Vegas
Amp setting for Spinal Tap
Ace high?
Nearing midnight
Gridiron complement
Late news time
Late news hour
Soccer team
Late morning hour
Cricket, soccer or field hockey team
Almost dozen Grateful Dead song "The ___"
Number of "pipers piping" in a countdown carol
Gridiron quota
Football-team quota
Newscast time
Football squad
Dozen down one
Vegas natural
It comes naturally in Vegas
Football complement
Football team
Cricket team complement
One and one, side-by-side
Ones seen side by side?
Dreaded business chapter?
Oceanic number?
Chapter in many airlines' history
An hour before noon
Nightly news time
Pipers of song
Ones seen side by side?
Dreaded business chapter?
It arrives before midnight
Soccer squad
Number in a "Spinal Tap" scene
One plus one?
High dice roll
L.A. band that was almost a dozen?
One + one?
Late news time
Team of Broncos
What one of Nigel's amps goes to in "This Is Spinal Tap"
Gridiron group
7's retail partner?
On a scale of 1 to 10, what one amp in "This Is Spinal Tap" goes to
Ten plus one
Finger ___
Craps natural
Ace value, sometimes
News time, often
Time for an early lunch
Number on a football side
Dreaded chapter
Cricket team count
Red stripe
Cricket team
Craps natural
Late news hour
Time for news
Band of Patriots?
One and one together?
Ace's value, sometimes
Football team quorum
Nearly a dozen
26-Across plus two
TV news hour
Football-team count
One plus one?
Football team number
How many colleges are in the Big Ten?
Natural in craps
See 1-across
Field hockey team count
Vegas natural
Pivotal chapter
Five and six
News hour, maybe
Jets set?
Cricket complement
Hour before noon
Pipers quorum
One by one?
Once across the Rio Grande?
Natural roll
Vegas winner
One after another?
Gridiron complement
Vegas winner
Dreaded chapter?
Natural in Vegas
One and one, side-by-side
Football team
Preteen age
Tween age
Morning hour
One and one together?
Dice throw
Football-team complement
Gridiron group
Craps natural
One after another?
It arrives before midnight
Craps natural
Football-team complement
Time for an early lunch
Curfew, maybe
TV nightly news hour
An hour before midnight
Number of pipers piping
Number of pipers piping
Big roll
Number of Triple Crown winners through 2003
Gridiron complement
Gridiron complement
Gridiron quorum
Gridiron complement
Lucky roll
Soccer unit
Dreaded chapter
Jets, collectively
Dreaded chapter
Soccer unit
It comes naturally in Vegas
Crappy natural?
Craps natural
News hour, maybe
Soccer team
Nearing noon
Ace value, sometimes
Bankruptcy code chapter
Super Bowl team
Time before midnight
Gridiron team
Lions or Bears
Noted business chapter?
Noted business chapter?
Sixth-grader's age, maybe
Team of Jets
Nearly a dozen
Curfew hour, often
Craps natural
Dress size
Toward midnight
News time, maybe
A natural in craps
Football complement
Natural in craps
Football team
News hour
New York Jets e.g.
Cricket complement
Football squad
News hour
News hour
When prime time ends
Gridiron count
Pipers piping tally
Late-news hour
Bears or Lions
Broncos or Bears, e.g.
Tahoe natural
Vegas "natural"
Football squad
A natural, in craps
It comes before midnight
Football team
Football squad
Football-team quota
Grid quorum
Nightly news hour, often
One by one?
Football team
Soccer squad
Football team quorum
Bengals or Jaguars
News hour
Cricket squad
Fifth prime
Like Little Orphan Annie
Football unit
"Ocean's ___," Sinatra film
Bridge players' rule of ___
Field-hockey number
Starting number of Patriots
Rams or Colts
Field-hockey team
U.C.L.A. Bruins, e.g.
Cricket team
Chicago Bears, e.g.
British snack hour
Bears or Lions
Soccer team
Ace, as part of a blackjack
Giants, for one
Patriots, e.g.
The Cosmos, e.g.
Oilers or Steelers
Bengals or Lions
Field hockey team
Lucky number in dice
Dice throw
Late-news hour
Giants or Jets
Rams or Lions
Jets or Saints.
Cricket team.
Jets, for one.
Newscast time.
Six bells.
An odd number for the game.
Type of team.
Dice throw.
Game group.
Soccer team.
Colts or Eagles.
Sports group
Time of day.
Polk's number.
Sixth prime number.
Backs plus linemen.
Before noon.
Lucky number.
What "hendeca" means.
N. latitude of 32 Down.
Athletic team.
Colts or Giants.
What "onze" means.
Coffee-break time.
Before midnight.
Rose Bowl team.
Terry Brennan's charges.
Rams or Trojans.
Charley Caldwell's Tigers, for instance.
Princeton Tigers.
Shoulder-and-knee-padded men.
Team in "Tournament of Roses."
Ends, backs, etc.
Blockers and tacklers.
Autumnal crowd attracter.
Fateful number at Nuremberg.
Football team.
Midnight in wartime.
Bills number
What the circled squares go to, literally
Phil Simms on the Giants
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