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Crossword Clues for ELIHU

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Clue Source Date
With 46 Across, Ivy League benefactor Newsday 24 Jan 2021
Peace Nobelist Root Premier Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Root of diplomacy Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2020
Yale of Yale fame The Washington Post 23 Aug 2020
Counselor to Job New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Senior society at Yale Wall Street Journal 26 Mar 2020
Yale in Yale history Universal 23 Mar 2020
Yale of Yale Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2019
Nobelist Root The Washington Post 09 Oct 2019
Yale of Yale University Newsday 30 Aug 2019
Yale who helped found Yale Jonesin 23 Jul 2019
Yale's Mr. Yale The Washington Post 28 Feb 2019
Yale founder Yale The Washington Post 26 Nov 2018
1912 Nobel Peace Prize winner Root Jonesin 23 Oct 2018
Root of politics Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2018
Philanthropist Yale Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2017
1910s senator Root Premier Sunday 12 Nov 2017
Friend of Job The Washington Post 10 Aug 2017
Former state secretary Root Premier Sunday 25 Jun 2017
Root or Yale The Washington Post 08 May 2017
Mr. Yale Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2017
Diplomat Root New York Times 29 Nov 2016
1912 Peace Nobelist Root USA Today 09 Sep 2016
Monologist in Job Newsday 13 Aug 2016
Root of government Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2016
Yale's Yale Premier Sunday 10 Jul 2016
University founder Yale LA Times Daily 13 Jun 2016
Secretary of war under Teddy LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2016
College benefactor Yale New York Times 24 Feb 2016
Root of the Progressive Era LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2016
Yale after whom Yale was named New York Times 04 Feb 2016
1912 Nobelist Root The Washington Post 04 Dec 2015
One of Yale's secret societies
Yale or Root
He discusses divine providence in Job
Yale of university fame
Yale who endowed Yale
Statesman Root
Nobel Peace Prize winner Root
Root of McKinley's cabinet
Root picked by Roosevelt
Electrical pioneer Thomson
Yale of Yale University fame
Root of law
Grant's first secretary of state ___ Washburne
Yale man
Yale moniker
Nobel-winning diplomat Root
___ Yale (benefactor of a famed university) (5)
Root who won the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize
Root with a Peace Prize
First name for Yale
Comforter of Job
Root from New York
___ Root, 1912 Nobel winner
___ Yale, for whom Yale University is named
Yale for whom the university was named
Yale benefactor
With 21-Across, 1912 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Electrical engineer and inventor Thomson
Yale senior society since 1903
Yale for whom the university is named
Hebrew name meaning "He is my God"
Root, for one
Root of statesmanship
Secretary of State Root
Electric meter inventor ___ Thomson
Yale name
With 26-Across, 1912 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Young man in Job
Lockmaker Yale
College founder Yale
"Rubáiyát" illustrator Vedder
With 55 Down, 1912 Peace Nobelist
Famous Yale
He spoke to Job
First name of two former secretaries of defense
Artist-illustrator Vedder
Benefactor Yale
Root the diplomat
Yale of Yale University
Job's companion
Name meaning "My God is he"
Donor Yale
Peace Prize-winner Root
Romantic painter Vedder
Peace Prize recipient Root
One of Job's friends
___ Root, Nobelist for Peace: 1912
Merchant Yale
A forefather of Samuel
Nobel Peace Price winner Root
Root grown in Clinton, N.Y.
Root from Clinton, N.Y.
One of Job's visitors
He had his Roots in Clinton, N.Y.
Nobelist Root: 1912
A friend of Job
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