Crossword Clues for EMERSON

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Clue Source Date
Poet, having released book, remains active The Times Cryptic 17 Nov 2021
Maiden Queen's captured by period author The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2021
Boston college Universal 12 Mar 2021
Ralph Waldo —, US writer The Times Concise 01 Feb 2021
Surname of Keith who formed a prog rock group in 1970 with Greg and Carl The Times Specialist Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Liberal arts college in Boston New York Times 30 Oct 2020
College on Boston Common Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2020
"Self-Reliance" writer Universal 04 Apr 2020
"The Conduct of Life" essayist LA Times Daily 09 Nov 2019
'The Conduct of Life' essayist The Washington Post 09 Nov 2019
Boston college
Boston college New York Times 12 Oct 2019
“Self-Reliance” essayist Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2019
American essayist Thomas Joseph 17 Aug 2019
'The Over-Soul' essayist Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Essayist Ralph Waldo Universal 13 Feb 2019
"Self-Reliance" essayist
"The Over-Soul" essayist
Essayist Ralph Waldo
Ralph Waldo ____ (poet ) Canadiana 27 Aug 2018
College in Boston New York Times 26 Aug 2018
American writer and leading exponent of transcendentalism (1803-1882) The Guardian Speedy 18 Aug 2018
Ralph Waldo --, US poet The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 Jul 2018
'Nature' essayist The Washington Post Sunday 22 Jul 2018
'Nature' essayist Thomas Joseph 28 May 2018
Name linking Fittipaldi, Ralph Waldo and Roy The Times Specialist Sunday 22 Apr 2018
English sermon troubled American writer The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Mar 2018
Lecturer whom Melville called ''a great man'' Newsday 24 Feb 2018
College in Boston
'Nature' essayist Eugene Sheffer 07 Nov 2017
Manuscript absorbing Queen penned by period author The Telegraph Toughie 26 Oct 2017
Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Jonesin 20 Jun 2017
"The Sage of Concord" LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2017
"The Sage of Concord"
Poet Ralph Waldo -- Premier Sunday 13 Nov 2016
"Nature" essayist USA Today 17 Sep 2016
-- Fittipaldi, Brazilian motor-racing driver The Telegraph General Knowledge 05 Jun 2016
"Nature" essayist Universal 23 May 2016
"Nature" author LA Times Daily 01 May 2016
—, Lake and Palmer The Times Concise 26 Apr 2016
Poet/essayist who wrote 'To be great is to be misunderstood' New York Times 12 Apr 2016
"Nature" essayist
"Nature" essayist
Mentor of Thoreau Newsday 09 Aug 2015
American poet and essayist's first sermon in new compilation The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jun 2015
American writer, having put out book, remains active The Times Cryptic 13 May 2015
Leader of the Transcendentalism movement New York Times 07 Apr 2015
Thoreau pal Newsday 29 Mar 2015
Mentor of Thoreau
Thoreau pal
Leader of the Transcendentalism movement
Writer known as "The Sage of Concord"
Transcendentalist author of "Self-Reliance"
Iconic keyman Keith
Thoreau's mentor
"The American Scholar" speech giver
Transcendentalist leader
"Self-Reliance" essayist
Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo
"Nature" essayist
Rock music's __, Lake & Palmer
"Nature" author
"The Sage of Concord"
Rock music's __, Lake & Palmer
"Nature" author
[See blurb]
"Hitch your wagon to a star" source
Writer Ralph Waldo --
___, Lake & Palmer
Reflective Ralph
Colleague of Lake and Palmer
Boston college
See 1-Across
Boston college
Jay Leno alma mater
Pulitzer poet Claudia
Pulitzer poet Claudia
Partner of Lake and Palmer
"Self-Reliance" essayist
"Self-Reliance" essayist
"Self-Reliance" author
Boston college
"Shot heard round the world" originator
"The Over-Soul" essayist
Writer Ralph Waldo __
Friend of Thoreau
"Nature" essayist
"Self-Reliance" essayist
Ralph Waldo __
"Shot heard round the world" writer
Lake and Palmer's partner
The Sage of Concord
"Nature" author
"Nature" essayist
"The Over-Soul" essayist
"The Conduct of Life" writer
"...fired the shot heard round the world" penner
American poet Ralph Waldo ___
Ralph Waldo ___
"Nature" writer Ralph Waldo
Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo
1964-65 Wimbledon winner Roy
"Society and Solitude" author
Author of "Nature"
"Each and All" poet
Boston-born essayist
He wrote "The Over-Soul"
Author of "Representative Men"
"Concord Hymn" author
"Nature" author
U.S. essayist
Author of the quote
U. S. essayist
Stepquote author
New England philosopher.
The "Sage of Concord."
Famous name at 21 Across.
Author of "Essays."
Harry ___ Fosdick.
19th cen. essayist.
Longfellow contemporary.
Poet-philosopher (1803–82).
American philosopher.
The Sage of Concord.
Gov. of Vermont.
Governor of the Green Mountain State.
Governor in Montpelier.
Vermont's Governor.
TV "queen."
TV star.
TV actress.
American essayist.
Video's Faye ___.
Video beauty.
Essayist who was pastor, poet, philosopher and lecturer.
He said, "I think no virtue goes with size.”
Noted preacher and essayist.
He said, "Hitch your wagon to a star."
Auto racer Fittipaldi
Boston college from which Jay Leno graduated
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