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Word "EMOTICON" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email
:-( and :-) are emoticons

Crossword Clues for EMOTICON

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Clue Source Date
Feeling upon receiving Charlie's messaging symbol The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2021
:) or :( The Times Specialist Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Cyberspace wink, e.g Eugene Sheffer 10 Dec 2020
;-) or :-( USA Today 09 Dec 2020
Email staple LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2020
It often includes a colon The Washington Post 17 Oct 2020
Type face? New York Times 17 Oct 2020
Representation of a facial expression using keyboard characters The Guardian Speedy 17 May 2020
Well-punctuated reaction The Washington Post 30 Nov 2019
Sideways cyberspace symbol Newsday 31 Jul 2019
Typographical face Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2019
Book about one prisoner's facial expression? The Telegraph Toughie 17 May 2019
Smiley caught in passion The Sun Two Speed 31 Mar 2019
Digital text symbol The Sun Two Speed 31 Mar 2019
Group of characters online having awkward time getting hold of old fiddle The Telegraph Toughie 08 Mar 2019
See 6-Down New York Times 13 Jan 2019
One might have a wink or a smile New York Times 27 Dec 2018
One often includes a colon The Washington Post 23 Dec 2018
Email symbol Newsday 02 Sep 2018
Email adornment The Washington Post 10 Aug 2018
:-) or :-( USA Today 29 Nov 2017
Electronic proposal includes constant smiley face perhaps The Telegraph Toughie 07 Nov 2017
Something that's had its head turned? New York Times 27 Oct 2017
Graphical symbol often loosely referred to as a smiley The Times Specialist Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Symbolic attitude? The Washington Post 30 Sep 2017
Space connected to ears, relating to non-verbal communication The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2017
Revolutionary book leading study involving current symbol of modern communication The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2017
Facial expression created by characters in electronic message Irish Times Simplex 14 Mar 2017
Keystrokes simulating a face, often The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Jan 2017
Returned volume I am studying that graphically conveys feeling The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jan 2017
Small show of one's feelings New York Times 02 Jul 2016
Take up book by one criminal with a smiley face Irish Times Crosaire 09 Feb 2016
Sideways face, often Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
;-), for one Universal 13 Oct 2015
Cue for the tenor, perhaps Newsday 19 Sep 2015
Smiley in an email, e.g Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2015
'Watch your ___, young man!' New York Times 12 Feb 2015
Text clarifier LA Times Daily 16 Jan 2015
Means of communication using dots and dashes
:-), e.g.
Sideways look?
Twisted expression?
:-( is one
Punctuated expression
:D or X_X
:-<, e.g.
:D, e.g.
Way to show approval
Virtual face
It may involve the colon
<3, for example
Somewhat parenthetical comment?
:), for example
E-mail symbol
Face with a hyphen for a nose, say
Face sideways?
:[email protected] is one
Creation using punctuation
E-mail attachment?
Sideways symbol in cyberspace
Cyberspace wink, e.g.
:-) is one
:-) or :-(
;-) is one
Smile in an e-mail, say
Symbol like :-) or :-(
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