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Word "ENTER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
to come or go into
come in, get in, get into, go in, go into, move into
the boat entered an area of shallow marshes

Part of Speech:
be or play a part of or in

Part of Speech:
register formally as a participant or member
enrol, enroll, inscribe, recruit

Crossword Clues for ENTER

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Clue Source Date
Door sign Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2021
Go inside LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
"New line" key Universal 14 Feb 2021
Input New York Times 10 Feb 2021
Sign up for Newsday 06 Feb 2021
Go in chippy, wanting fish The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2021
Walk inside Newsday 26 Jan 2021
Sign up Newsday 21 Jan 2021
Some alien Terminators go inside The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2021
Penetrate The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2021
Go in emergency room below hospital department The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2021
Go in Jonesin 12 Jan 2021
Right-hand keyboard key USA Today 09 Jan 2021
Walk on the stage Newsday 29 Dec 2020
Participate in silent era The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2020
Pencil maze word LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2020
Formal "Door's open" LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2020
Formal 'Door's open' The Washington Post 20 Dec 2020
Join some dissenters The Sun Two Speed 20 Dec 2020
Script direction Newsday 26 Nov 2020
Answer following a knock Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2020
Response to a rapper Newsday 14 Nov 2020
Some seventeen terriers get in The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2020
Key above Shift The Washington Post 19 Oct 2020
'DO NOT ___' (street sign) The Washington Post Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Key frequently used to get in The Telegraph Toughie 06 Oct 2020
Get in Jonesin 06 Oct 2020
Key hit when starting a new paragraph The Washington Post Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Come into The Telegraph Quick 11 Sep 2020
Key often used to get in The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2020
Cross the threshold Universal 07 Sep 2020
ATM button Thomas Joseph 03 Sep 2020
Participate in, as a raffle Universal 28 Aug 2020
Enroll for a contest Newsday 10 Aug 2020
Maze instruction Newsday 02 Aug 2020
Some seven terrapins get in The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2020
PC key Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Go in for chips without carp The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2020
Some Aberdeen terriers go inside The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
Infiltrate The Times Concise 07 Jun 2020
''Come in!'' Newsday 20 May 2020
Stage direction Thomas Joseph 18 May 2020
Key in New York Times 13 May 2020
Oversized keyboard key The New Yorker 04 May 2020
Come in The Guardian Speedy 05 Apr 2020
Input, as data New York Times 23 Mar 2020
Get out of the cold Family Time 05 Jan 2020
Step inside Family Time 30 Dec 2019
Fail to remain outside Family Time 23 Dec 2019
Come or go in The Times Concise 18 Dec 2019
Put in, as input The Washington Post Sunday 15 Dec 2019
Put in The Washington Post 29 Nov 2019
Key that can sometimes replace clicking Universal 07 Nov 2019
Key one uses to get in? The Sun Two Speed 04 Nov 2019
It may be over Shift Universal 03 Nov 2019
Arrive on the scene New York Times 02 Nov 2019
Participate in, as a contest Universal 28 Oct 2019
Join in the main event before over, all ending The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2019
Keypad key Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2019
Tent erected: register inside The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2019
PC key with an arrow USA Today 08 Oct 2019
Walk onto a stage Newsday 25 Sep 2019
Run to leave tenant key The Telegraph Toughie 17 Sep 2019
Decide to compete in USA Today 14 Sep 2019
Welcoming sign Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Go onstage Universal 08 Sep 2019
Join the contest The Washington Post 01 Sep 2019
Doorman's invitation USA Today 31 Aug 2019
Gain access to The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2019
Key with an arrow USA Today 10 Aug 2019
Go/come in The Times Concise 08 Aug 2019
Go into Irish Times Simplex 06 Aug 2019
Rap reply Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2019
Activating key, often The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Take the 52-Down USA Today 19 Jul 2019
'Come in!' New York Times 16 Jul 2019
Record books taken on board always The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jul 2019
Word to someone at the door The New Yorker 01 Jul 2019
Theatrical script verb The Washington Post Sunday 30 Jun 2019
Reply to a knock Wall Street Journal 11 May 2019
Go on stage Jonesin 07 May 2019
PC key above shift New York Times 29 Apr 2019
Break in, say Premier Sunday 14 Apr 2019
Log The Washington Post 22 Mar 2019
'Come on in!' The Washington Post 14 Mar 2019
"Come on in!" LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2019
Take part in Silent Era The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2019
PC key above Shift The Washington Post 08 Mar 2019
Record The Washington Post 07 Mar 2019
Punch in Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Enroll Canadiana 18 Feb 2019
ATM keypad key The Washington Post Sunday 20 Jan 2019
"Come in!"
"Come on in here!" Universal 29 Dec 2018
Key to the right of the hash symbol on a standard UK keyboard The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Dec 2018
Type in Jonesin 18 Dec 2018
Be admitted Premier Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Hospitable interjection Newsday 07 Dec 2018
Inviting door sign The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Become a contestant Newsday 02 Dec 2018
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