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Clue Source Date
Puts on record ?- Lodge, from a legal perspective, is close to penniless Irish Times Crosaire 09 Apr 2021
Goes in Irish Times Simplex 07 Apr 2021
Types in New York Times 11 Mar 2021
Puts in Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Goes onstage Universal 27 Jan 2021
Goes in for The Telegraph Quick 01 Jan 2021
Registers for a competition Irish Times Simplex 24 Nov 2020
Goes in hospital department -- the woman's head is cut The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2020
Puts on record - Lodge, from a legal perspective, is close to dangerous Irish Times Crosaire 17 Oct 2020
Goes into LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Keys in Thomas Joseph 28 Aug 2020
Gains access for resident with no ID Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jul 2020
Comes onstage Universal 08 Jul 2020
Comes in Thomas Joseph 05 Jun 2020
Keys in car taken from recreants Irish Times Crosaire 13 May 2020
Steps in Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2020
Walks onstage The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Becomes a contestant Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2020
Jumps in The Washington Post 04 Dec 2019
Records Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2019
Appears onstage Thomas Joseph 21 Aug 2019
Takes the stage The Washington Post 02 Aug 2019
Registers for competition Irish Times Simplex 17 Apr 2019
Goes in two hospital departments with son The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2019
Walks inside Newsday 18 Mar 2019
Starts upon Newsday 01 Mar 2019
Writes in New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Inserts The Telegraph Quick 11 Jan 2019
Passes the threshold The Washington Post 14 Nov 2018
Resent running records Irish Times Crosaire 05 Nov 2018
Walks on stage Universal 07 Sep 2018
Registers for a competition, say Irish Times Simplex 30 Jun 2018
Sets foot in Premier Sunday 06 May 2018
Signs up for USA Today 18 Mar 2018
Gets on stage Newsday 08 Mar 2018
Comes in to chop trees round the north The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2018
Crosses the threshold New York Times 28 Jul 2017
Records, in a diary, say Irish Times Simplex 28 Mar 2017
Joins The Washington Post 14 Mar 2017
Starts attending Newsday 20 Jan 2017
Is welcomed by the doorman USA Today 13 Jan 2017
Moves into Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2016
Resent boss with records Irish Times Crosaire 30 Sep 2016
Inserts oneself Newsday 06 Feb 2016
Decides to play Newsday 30 Jan 2016
Crosses the sill
Admits tenants not right from the start The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Dec 2015
Walks in Newsday 23 Nov 2015
Goes inside Newsday 03 Aug 2015
Appears on stage Thomas Joseph 08 Jul 2015
Responds to a cue, maybe The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 May 2015
Goes into damaged trees around North Irish Times Crosaire 25 Apr 2015
Crosses a threshold
Types into the database
Heads in
Makes a record of
Wu-Tang Clan "Da Mystery of Chessboxin" lyric "You scream as it ___ your bloodstream"
Emerges from the wings
Adds to the database
Keys in, as data
Fills in
Punches in, say
Opposite of exits
Punches in
Gains admittance to
Signs up for, as a contest
What Metallica's "Sandman" does
Effects ingress
Goes on stage
Embarks on
Comes through the door
Inscribes, e.g.
Infiltrates, say
Keyboards, maybe
Partner of breaks
Responds to a cue, in a way
Goes from the wings to the stage
Makes the scene
Uses the front door
Starts to make a scene?
Embarks upon
Keyboard commands
Joins the scene
Registers, as data
Fills in a blank, perhaps
Registers formally
Joins a competition
Places on record
Joins in
Follows a stage direction
Registers to compete
Walks on
Starts in on
Makes an appearance
Comes into
Logs in
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.