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Crossword Clues for ENV

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Clue Source Date
Part of SASE Newsday 20 Dec 2020
Letter container: Abbr New York Times 12 Oct 2020
It might get a licking: Abbr New York Times 24 May 2020
Ltr. holder Premier Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Letter holder: Abbr Thomas Joseph 28 Nov 2019
SASE, e.g Newsday 14 Apr 2019
Letter container: Abbr.
Part of S.A.S.E.: Abbr New York Times 30 Dec 2018
Ltr. container Wall Street Journal 14 Jun 2018
Part of SASE: Abbr The Washington Post 18 Jan 2018
Part of S.A.S.E.: Abbr.
Part of SASE: Abbr.
P.O. box item The Washington Post 17 Nov 2017
Container for a ltr Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2017
It might have a street name: Abbr New York Times 08 Sep 2016
Ltr. carrier USA Today 27 Apr 2016
SASE part Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2016
Letter holder: Abbr.
It might have a street name: Abbr.
Letter holder (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 12 Dec 2015
Greeting-card holder: Abbr Newsday 13 Apr 2015
Greeting-card holder: Abbr.
Last pt. of SASE
It's stamped at the P.O.
Card holder: Abbr.
Letter carrier: Abbr.
Item in a P.O. box
Ltr. encloser
Stationery item: Abbr.
P.O. purchase
Item opened at the Oscars (abbr.)
It needs to be addressed: Abbr.
Part of SASE (abbr.)
Letter holder (abbr.)
Stationer's piece: abbr.
Bill holder: Abbr.
Oscars prop: Abbr.
PO delivery
114 Down holder
USPS carrier
Stationery item, briefly
Pt. of SASE (Abbr.)
Invoice encl.
Pt. of SASE
Stationer's item: Abbr.
Posted item: Abbr.
P.O. delivery
Check holder: Abbr.
It might be SWAK
Pay holder: Abbr.
#10, e.g.: Abbr.
It encloses a ltr.
Encl. with a submission
No. 10, for one
Unsolicited manuscript enc.
P.O. item
It may have a window (abbr.)
Posting need: Abbr.
SASE component
36-Down holder
Prop for the Acad. Awards
It may get licked: Abbr.
It may be self-sealing: Abbr.
Mailer, briefly
Stamp's place: Abbr.
Postal delivery: Abbr.
It may have a window: Abbr.
Post delivery: Abbr.
It may get stuffed: Abbr.
Part of SASE (Abbr.)
The E in SASE
Ltr. enclosure
SASE, e.g.
It may say ME or HI
Letter carrier?: Abbr.
Place to write S.W.A.K.
Place for stps.
S.A.S.E. part
Part of S.A.S.E.
Letter covering: Abbr.
Mail piece: Abbr.
Diplomat: Abbr.
Office necessity: Abbr.
Stationer's abbreviation.
Wrapper: Abbr.
Paper container: Abbr.
Office item: Abbr.
Thing that comes with a utility bill: Abbr.
It may have a small window: Abbr.
59-Down's holder: Abbr.
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