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Crossword Clues for ENYA

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Clue Source Date
Singer born Eithne Padraigin Ni Bhraonain Universal 13 May 2021
Irish New Ager LA Times Daily 06 May 2021
One-named Irish folk singer USA Today 19 Apr 2021
"May It Be" singer Eugene Sheffer 22 Mar 2021
One-named Irish singer New York Times 08 Mar 2021
Multi-lingual Irish singer LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
Grammy winner with songs in English, Irish and Elvish Wall Street Journal 17 Feb 2021
Ireland's best-selling solo artist Universal 16 Feb 2021
Irish singer who lives in a castle with her cats USA Today 02 Feb 2021
New Age singer Eugene Sheffer 23 Jan 2021
“Dark Sky Island” singer Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2021
"A Day Without Rain" singer Universal 11 Jan 2021
One-named New Ager LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2021
“Orinoco Flow” singer Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2020
"Dark Sky Island" singer LA Times Daily 11 Dec 2020
'Dark Sky Island' singer The Washington Post 11 Dec 2020
Irish singer, a member of Clannad before her solo career The Times Specialist Sunday 06 Dec 2020
Irishwoman who's sung in 10 languages Newsday 04 Dec 2020
Irish singer who rarely performs live USA Today 25 Nov 2020
'Only Time' singer USA Today 24 Nov 2020
Irish pop singer Newsday 08 Nov 2020
'Shepherd Moons' singer, 1991 New York Times 05 Nov 2020
Irish music star who has never toured USA Today 28 Oct 2020
Irish singer with four Grammys Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2020
Singer whose Irish first name is Eithne Universal 11 Aug 2020
"Orinoco Flow" singer Universal 09 Aug 2020
'Shepherd Moons' Grammy winner Jonesin 28 Jul 2020
One-named singer with the hit 'Orinoco Flow' New York Times 13 Jul 2020
Four-time Grammy winner for Best New Age Album New York Times 08 Jul 2020
Singer from County Donegal LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Musician from Donegal The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
'Watermark' musician The Washington Post 21 Jun 2020
"Watermark" musician LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2020
"Only Time" singer Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Vocalist from Gaoth Dobhair USA Today 06 Jun 2020
New Age vocalist from County Donegal Jonesin 19 May 2020
Irish New Age singer Newsday 03 May 2020
'Amarantine' singer The Washington Post Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Singer born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin New York Times 12 Apr 2020
Former Clannad singer The Washington Post 08 Apr 2020
One-named singer The Washington Post 18 Mar 2020
One-named Celtic singer USA Today 16 Mar 2020
“The Memory of Trees” singer Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2020
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