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Word "EQUINE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck

resembling a horse

of or belonging to the family Equidae

Crossword Clues for EQUINE

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Clue Source Date
One of five, in the borders of Europe, like a horse The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2021
Like a mustang The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Veterinary category Newsday 30 Jan 2021
Pertaining to horses The Guardian Speedy 08 Nov 2020
(Of) horses The Telegraph Quick 19 Aug 2020
Horsy Newsday 06 Aug 2020
Of horses Irish Times Simplex 03 Jul 2020
Like a jackass New York Times 17 May 2020
Like a zebra or mule Universal 04 Mar 2020
Zebra or donkey Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2019
Horsey Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2018
Horse-related Thomas Joseph 27 Jun 2018
Relating to horses The Times Concise 01 May 2018
Horselike The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2017
Track runner The Washington Post 05 May 2017
Like some mounts The Washington Post 15 Apr 2017
Like most carousel animals New York Times 13 Dec 2016
Veterinary specialty Newsday 24 Sep 2016
Like a horse The Guardian Speedy 31 Jul 2016
Horse's one of five in eastern Spain The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jul 2016
Zebra, for example Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2016
Dancing Queen cover single describes those going off the rails perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 15 Sep 2015
Resembling a horse USA Today 14 Sep 2015
Affected queen goes around island - it concerns the nags! Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jan 2015
Like some track stars
Mustang, for one
Donkey or zebra
Like a chestnut
Silver, notably
Jenny, e.g.
Farm vet's specialty
Like a zebra
Having a long face?
Glanders sufferer
Like an ass
Of the horsy set
Morgan, for one
Colt, e.g.
Like most buggy pullers
Pinto, for one
Built like a horse?
Like zebras
Like Buttermilk
Burro or bronco
Like horses
Like an appaloosa
Like Mister Ed
Adjective for a barb
Horse or zebra
Zebra, e.g.
Unicorn, for one
Adjective for an Arab
Arab, for one
Surrey puller
Related to thoroughbreds
Adjective for an Arabian
Like some veterinary practice
Hackney, e.g.
Summing, e.g.
Cob or hack.
Sorrel, roan or bay.
What Assault is.
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