Word "EROTICA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire
porn, porno, pornography, smut

Crossword Clues for EROTICA

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Clue Source Date
1992 Madonna album featuring her Mistress Dita persona The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Apr 2022
Creative porn The Guardian Quick 30 Mar 2022
Sexy writing Universal 18 Feb 2022
Amatory art or literature The Telegraph General Knowledge 15 Nov 2020
''Publisher's Weekly'' review category Newsday 07 Nov 2020
Blue books? Universal 25 Oct 2020
Explicit fanfiction, say USA Today 05 Oct 2020
Anais Nin specialty USA Today 01 Aug 2020
'Fifty Shades of Grey,' e.g New York Times 16 Jul 2020
Works with hot material? The New Yorker 02 Mar 2020
Steamy stories Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2019
Hot stuff New York Times 17 Nov 2019
Hot stuff
X-rated works The Washington Post 10 Nov 2019
X-rated works LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2019
Time invested in symphony and certain literature The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jul 2019
Madonna album Thomas Joseph 15 Jul 2019
Steamy literature Universal 07 Apr 2019
X-rated movie material USA Today 03 Apr 2019
Steamy literature
X-rated movie material
Prurient material LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2018
Prurient material The Washington Post 22 Jul 2018
Album on whose cover Madonna's features were appropriately blue Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 2018
Prurient material
Amorous literature The Telegraph Quick 06 Nov 2017
Art form mounting tacit or easy displays The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Oct 2017
Spicy fare? New York Times 27 Aug 2017
Racy literature The Washington Post 11 Apr 2017
Racy literature LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2017
Hot stuff Thomas Joseph 10 Mar 2017
Blue prints New York Times 03 Feb 2017
Blue prints
Spicy fare?
Racy literature
Hot stuff LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2016
Racy reading USA Today 31 May 2016
Steamy writing LA Times Daily 09 May 2016
'The Naked Maja' and such New York Times 09 Apr 2016
Some Anne Rice novels LA Times Daily 08 Apr 2016
Lusty literature Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2016
Writing of a sexual nature The Guardian Quick 06 Feb 2016
Steamy writing
Racy reading
Steamy stuff LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2015
Adult literature ripped up in charge of adult The Telegraph Toughie 24 Sep 2015
Arousing literature The Times Concise 09 Sep 2015
Madonna album with a blue-toned cover Newsday 23 May 2015
Blue material? Eugene Sheffer 25 Mar 2015
Heather coming round to put back risqu� books The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2015
Prurient material
Steamy stuff
Madonna album with a blue-toned cover
Blue pages?
Racy writing
Madonna album that came out simultaneously with "Sex"
Titillating tomes
Steamy 1992 Madonna song/album
'92 Madonna album
'92 "Rain" Madonna album
Racy art
Racy stuff
The art of love?
Racy reading
Blue prints
"Fifty Shades of Grey" genre
Blue writing?
Blue writing?
Very spicy fare
Very spicy fare
Blue books?
Racy reading
Some graphic works
Kinsey Institute Library collection
Racy genre
Steamy stuff
Some graphic works
Works with steam?
Kinsey Institute Library collection
Risqué reading
Racy section in some bookstores
Sometimes-banned work
Steamy stuff
Art of a sexual nature
Unlikely section in a religious bookstore
Art of a sexual nature
Hot stuff?
Blue literature
Racy reading
Bedtime stories?
Blue books?
Body art?
Lusty literature
Blue books?
Section of some bookstores
Racy literature
Madonna album of 1992
Hot genre?
Much of Anaïs Nin's work
Thighs may be displayed in it
"Delta of Venus" genre
Racy material
Hot genre?
Steamy passages
Steamy stuff
Racy stuff
Album by Madonna
Risque reading
It's blue
Steamy stuff
Much of Nin's work
Pictorial content?
Blue books?
Hot stuff
Henry Miller genre
Blue books?
Madonna album with a sexy name
"Kama Sutra" genre
Blue prints?
Blue prints
X-rated material
Literary genre
Oft-censored works
Anaïs Nin output
Some art
Risqué reading
Risque writing
Blue material?
Henry Miller's works, to some
A nice word for dirt?
Madonna album of '92
Blue prints?
Madonna album
Blue books?
"Kama-Sutra," e.g.
Sexy literature
X-rated works
Sexy pictures or books
X-rated literature
Some Ovidian works
Sexy literature or art
"Kamasutra," etc.
Racy literature
Sensuous art.
Amatory compositions.
Piece of cheesecake, maybe
Off-color prints?
Hot book
Blue print material?
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