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Word "ERSATZ" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
artificial and inferior
ersatz coffee

Part of Speech:
an artificial or inferior substitute or imitation

Crossword Clues for ERSATZ

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Clue Source Date
Faux Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2021
Not real or genuine The Times Concise 13 Feb 2021
Artificial Universal 26 Jan 2021
Fake LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
Stargazer lose rag, as it's not as good as the real thing Irish Times Crosaire 09 Nov 2020
Cheap substitute or imitation Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2020
Mock English royal starting to study all the letters over time Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2020
Imitation; substitute The Telegraph Quick 24 Jun 2020
Fake tigers at zoo fences The Telegraph Toughie 08 May 2020
Not the real deal Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2020
Substitute unknown by 13 in order The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Feb 2020
Fake, from a German word meaning “compensation” or “replacement'” The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Inferior substitute Irish Times Simplex 28 Dec 2019
Not genuine The Times Concise 11 Dec 2019
In-a-pinch Newsday 09 Nov 2019
Artificial, serving as a substitute The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Oct 2019
Not real of genuine The Times Concise 17 Aug 2019
Not genuine rates laid out for the last of the fizz Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jun 2019
Imitation The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Fake tears upset Zoe at first The Telegraph Toughie 16 May 2019
Like an inferior substitute USA Today 11 Feb 2019
Like knockoffs Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2019
Like AstroTurf, vis-a-vis grass USA Today 25 Dec 2018
Artificial wartime food substitutes Canadiana 10 Dec 2018
Mock The New Yorker 10 Sep 2018
Like Splenda vis-à-vis sugar New York Times 31 Jul 2018
Faux kin Universal 13 Jul 2018
Word from the German for ''substitute'' Newsday 05 Jul 2018
Made in imitation of some items in jeweller's at Zermatt The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Mar 2018
Not genuine about retiring and warmed the bench for final Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2018
Not authentic The Washington Post 04 Jan 2018
Some otters at zoo may be artificial The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jul 2017
Zut alors, René gutted to return fake The Times Cryptic 16 May 2017
Synthetic Newsday 17 Mar 2017
Substitute The Guardian Quick 26 Jan 2017
Substitute; fake The Times Concise 08 Dec 2016
Fake tears spilled on Liz's last letter The Telegraph Toughie 07 Oct 2016
Players at Zurich admitting substitute The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2016
Not the real McCoy USA Today 29 Mar 2016
Substitute keepers at zoo enclosure The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2015
Fake, artificial The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2015
Dealers at Zurich concealing fake The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2015
Imitation recalled piece from Liszt as Requiem The Telegraph Toughie 30 Oct 2015
Not real LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Margarie might be described thus
Margarine, vis-a-vis butter
Like chicory vis-à-vis coffee
Like a Channel purse
German sub?
Not quite real
Not natural
Like a Rolez watch
Like a "fauxlex" watch
Like a Rolek watch
Like Splenda vis- -vis sugar
Not the real thing
Being an inferior substitute
Not exactly authentic
Like oleo vis-à-vis butter
Margarine, vis- -vis butter
Not the real McCoy.
Not authentic.
Substitute, usually of inferior quality.
Substitute, usually of inferior nature.
German substitute.
Substitute material.
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