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Word "EVENLY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
in equal amounts or shares; in a balanced or impartial way
a class evenly divided between girls and boys

in a level and regular way

Crossword Clues for EVENLY

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Clue Source Date
In a level and regular way Irish Times Simplex 13 Mar 2021
Smoothly or impartially Irish Times Simplex 07 Jan 2021
Fair way to divvy up loot Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2020
Equally calm, lake close to city The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jun 2020
Equally or smoothly Irish Times Simplex 29 Apr 2020
In a fair way LA Times Daily 03 Feb 2020
In a smooth manner The Times Concise 20 Dec 2019
Smoothly, uniformly Irish Times Simplex 19 Oct 2019
In equal shares Newsday 09 Oct 2019
In a balanced or impartial way Irish Times Simplex 02 Aug 2019
Equally The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2019
With uniformity Eugene Sheffer 15 Jun 2019
Evidently dismisses DIT in a balanced way Irish Times Crosaire 08 May 2019
In a calm manner The Washington Post 22 Dec 2018
Fair way to split Universal 19 Sep 2018
In a regular way The Telegraph Quick 17 Apr 2018
Fairly uniformly The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2018
Regularly The Telegraph Quick 10 Jan 2018
With fairness Newsday 28 Dec 2017
The First Lady, 50, seen in New York regularly The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2017
In a fair manner USA Today 21 Apr 2017
With consistency Newsday 12 Mar 2017
Fair way to divvy things Premier Sunday 21 Aug 2016
Smoothly Canadiana 07 Mar 2016
In a uniform manner The Guardian Quick 08 Aug 2015
Vehemently drops them smoothly Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jul 2015
In equal amounts Universal 30 Jun 2015
Without variation New York Times 15 Mar 2015
Fair way to divide things up
In a balanced manner
Fair way to share
How some estates are divided
One way to share
Fair way to divide things
Without much fluctuation
How to divide things to be fair
In a precise manner
Without highs and lows
Leaving no remainder
In a monotone
Without variations
With nothing left over
With justice
Without bias
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