Word "EVENT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
consequence, effect, issue, outcome, result, upshot
he acted very wise after the event

Part of Speech:
a special set of circumstances
in that event, the first possibility is excluded

Part of Speech:
a phenomenon located at a single point in space-time; the fundamental observational entity in relativity theory

Crossword Clues for EVENT

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Clue Source Date
Happening The Telegraph Quick 14 Mar 2023
Wedding or football game, e.g Universal 28 Feb 2023
Something that happens The Guardian Speedy 26 Feb 2023
Something to RSVP to USA Today 31 Jan 2023
Shot put or hurdles Universal 29 Jan 2023
__ planner LA Times Daily 26 Jan 2023
Calendar entry USA Today 22 Jan 2023
'In the ___ of an emergency . . .' USA Today 03 Jan 2023
Happening Thomas Joseph 03 Jan 2023
Occurrence The Telegraph Quick 15 Dec 2022
Sides knocked out in '70 World Cup, for example The Telegraph Toughie 25 Nov 2022
Just time for game, maybe
Just time for game, maybe The Guardian Quiptic 31 Oct 2022
Bit of history Thomas Joseph 29 Oct 2022
Calendar entry USA Today 29 Oct 2022
News item Thomas Joseph 21 Oct 2022
Game; happening The Times Concise 19 Oct 2022
Happening to be seventy without clothing
Happening to be seventy without clothing The Guardian Quiptic 17 Oct 2022
Flat cap on tradesman for social gathering? The Times Cryptic 04 Oct 2022
Happening LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2022
Level time in race perhaps The Times Cryptic 20 Sep 2022
The Met Gala, e.g New York Times 19 Sep 2022
The Met Gala, e.g. New York Times 19 Sep 2022
Judo, e.g., at the Summer Olympics Universal 14 Sep 2022
Calendar entry Thomas Joseph 13 Sep 2022
Bit of history Thomas Joseph 05 Sep 2022
Competition still tense The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Aug 2022
Bit of history Thomas Joseph 13 Aug 2022
News item Thomas Joseph 10 Aug 2022
Three score and ten sides out for a sporting occasion The Times Cryptic 03 Aug 2022
Everton’s first opening game? The Times Cryptic 03 Aug 2022
Portuguese ventriloquist concealing affair The Times Cryptic 21 Jul 2022
Track meet component Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2022
Incident involving woman from Old Testament and New Testament The Times Cryptic 08 Jul 2022
Ascot's finale after flat race? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jul 2022
Occasion LA Times Daily 03 Jul 2022
Occurrence, a happening Irish Times Simplex 17 Jun 2022
Major happening Newsday 14 Jun 2022
What happens at a given time or place The Guardian Quick 08 Jun 2022
Wedding or graduation, e.g Universal 06 Jun 2022
In the middle of ‘Great Escape' it happened 
Occurrence The Telegraph Quick 01 Jun 2022
Discus or javelin, e.g Wall Street Journal 28 May 2022
Baby shower or birthday Universal 15 May 2022
Occurrence The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2022
Horse-riding competition just ahead of time The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2022
Bit of history Thomas Joseph 30 Apr 2022
A number could be seen outside this sporting fixture? The Times Cryptic 27 Apr 2022
Calendar entry Thomas Joseph 14 Apr 2022
Occurrence, a happening Irish Times Simplex 09 Apr 2022
Super Bowl or graduation, for example Family Time 03 Apr 2022
Happening Thomas Joseph 02 Apr 2022
Happening Canadiana 28 Mar 2022
__ horizon: astrophysics boundary LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2022
News item Thomas Joseph 19 Mar 2022
__ horizon: astrophysics boundary The Washington Post 19 Mar 2022
Outcome is not odd when looked at over time The Times Cryptic 01 Mar 2022
Calendar entry Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2022
Calendar entry USA Today 19 Feb 2022
Occasion LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2022
Occasion The Washington Post 13 Feb 2022
Public or social occasion The Times Concise 25 Jan 2022
The Latin Grammys, e.g USA Today 18 Jan 2022
Item in sports programme requiring level track, originally The Times Cryptic 14 Jan 2022
Track meet part Universal 05 Jan 2022
Definitely not odd temperature leading to incident The Times Cryptic 03 Jan 2022
Gig for a planner Universal 27 Dec 2021
The Oscars, say LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2021
Contest on equal footing over time
What happens during night never brought up
What happens during night never brought up The Guardian Cryptic 03 Dec 2021
News item Thomas Joseph 16 Nov 2021
Fair and equal trial to begin with
Occurrence, happening Irish Times Simplex 09 Nov 2021
Campaign headquarters watch party, e.g. New York Times 02 Nov 2021
Happening LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2021
Level prior to tense incident The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Oct 2021
Occurrence, happening Irish Times Simplex 21 Oct 2021
Major happening Newsday 19 Oct 2021
Shot put or discus throw USA Today 17 Oct 2021
Still time for adventure The Times Cryptic 15 Oct 2021
Competition still tense The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Sep 2021
Regular time for meeting The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Sep 2021
Word with social or media The Washington Post 28 Aug 2021
Word with social or media LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2021
News item Thomas Joseph 17 Aug 2021
Occurrence, happening Irish Times Simplex 05 Aug 2021
PrideFest, e.g USA Today 17 Jul 2021
Major happening Newsday 12 Jul 2021
100- or 200-meter, e.g New York Times 12 Jul 2021
Stop ignoring PR function
Occurrence The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2021
Occurrence The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2021
First Lady books show The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2021
News item Thomas Joseph 29 May 2021
Track meet component Wall Street Journal 25 May 2021
Partial account of 1976 Olympic encounter? The Telegraph Toughie 13 May 2021
Publicist’s assignment Wall Street Journal 08 May 2021
Spain's opening game The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2021
Show original sinner holy books The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2021
Main __ Newsday 01 May 2021
Dot on a timeline New York Times 30 Apr 2021
Doljanchi, e.g USA Today 21 Apr 2021
News subject Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2021
Olympics segment LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2021
Olympics segment The Washington Post 11 Apr 2021
Wedding or parade New York Times 29 Mar 2021
Word with field or sales New York Times 27 Mar 2021
Olympics category USA Today 24 Mar 2021
News topic Wall Street Journal 22 Mar 2021
Happening The Times Concise 21 Mar 2021
Happening Universal 19 Mar 2021
Important happening Newsday 15 Mar 2021
Happening Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2021
Result still adrift, ultimately
Blessed __ LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
Blessed __ The Washington Post 21 Feb 2021
It may be blessed Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2021
Meeting original sinner, not heartless The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2021
Happening The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2021
Coming-out party, e.g USA Today 29 Jan 2021
Occurrence, happening Irish Times Simplex 13 Jan 2021
Stop dispensing with public relations function
Personage finally opening show The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2020
Relay, e.g New York Times 31 Dec 2020
Baby shower, for one Universal 16 Dec 2020
The Super Bowl is a big one Family Time 14 Dec 2020
Magnate at last opening show
Planned public or social occasion Irish Times Simplex 05 Dec 2020
Discus or pole vault The Washington Post 30 Nov 2020
Discus or pole vault LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2020
Happening The Telegraph Quick 28 Nov 2020
Still time for an incident The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2020
Personage finally opening show?
History bit Thomas Joseph 11 Nov 2020
Newspaper ''calendar'' listing Newsday 08 Nov 2020
Social calendar occasion Newsday 06 Nov 2020
Still time for tournament The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2020
Competition number, neither the first nor the last The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Nov 2020
Uneven bars or balance beam Universal 30 Oct 2020
. . . . . and quits over final defeat in tournament
Closing the surveillance outlet is a news item Irish Times Crosaire 20 Oct 2020
Uneven bars or vault, e.g USA Today 05 Oct 2020
100-meter freestyle, e.g The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
100-meter freestyle, e.g LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2020
Wedding, for one Universal 19 Sep 2020
Still time to make meeting
Calendar entry Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
What’s happening Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2020
Happening Canadiana 17 Aug 2020
See 10-Down Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2020
Big game, say LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2020
Big game, say The Washington Post 14 Aug 2020
Incident in flat ending in arrest
Contest level over time
Balanced, ultimately tight game
Occasion The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2020
Meeting seven television hosts
Magnate at last opening show The Sun Two Speed 06 Jun 2020
Calendar addition USA Today 03 Jun 2020
Must-see program, e.g Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
Occurrence USA Today 28 May 2020
Happening LA Times Daily 11 May 2020
Happening The Washington Post 11 May 2020
English opening race perhaps
Noteworthy occasion Newsday 31 Mar 2020
Anything which happens The Times Concise 25 Mar 2020
Competition The Telegraph Quick 20 Mar 2020
Banquet hall booking Newsday 19 Mar 2020
Incident some prevented The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2020
Birthday party, for one Universal 04 Mar 2020
Occurrence Premier Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Either way, woman's not denying love affair
The Oscars, for one
Notable happening Newsday 20 Jan 2020
Something taking place The Times Concise 27 Dec 2019
Badminton competition's opening by end of June
Balance beam or uneven bars USA Today 04 Dec 2019
Show first sinner preservation group The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2019
Incident in flat ending in arrest
Smooth track primarily for Olympics, maybe
Woman associated with garden books as part of festival The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Nov 2019
Incident for which there's still time
Calendar entry USA Today 09 Oct 2019
Some preventing incident The Sun Two Speed 26 Sep 2019
Momentous happening Newsday 19 Sep 2019
Shot-put or pole vault New York Times 04 Sep 2019
Personage finally opening show The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2019
Occurrence of character in Genesis and later books
Wedding, for one The Washington Post 10 Aug 2019
Wedding, for one LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2019
Just ahead of time in competition
Bit of history Thomas Joseph 22 Jul 2019
Pair failing to thwart special occasion
Party, e.g New York Times 12 Jul 2019
Something going on still, heading for trouble
Happening, even though 50% has gone missing
Major occasion Newsday 07 Jun 2019
Javelin, e.g New York Times 06 Jun 2019
Schedule entry The New Yorker 03 Jun 2019
Birthday party or baby shower Universal 27 May 2019
Field day contest USA Today 12 May 2019
The first lady not to miss old horse-riding competition The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2019
Solar or lunar eclipse, e.g New York Times 04 May 2019
Function of English Channel? Irish Times Crosaire 30 Apr 2019
Night before conservationists' do
ISIS airbrushed out of sensitive incident Irish Times Crosaire 02 Apr 2019
Night before conservationists' do
Calendar entry Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2019
Still time for adventure The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2019
Show first sinner holy books The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2019
Big item on a calendar The New Yorker 14 Jan 2019
Oscars or Super Bowl USA Today 13 Jan 2019
Shot-put or pole vault
Party, e.g.
Javelin, e.g.
Calendar entry
Pentathlon part
Wedding, for one
Oscars or Super Bowl
Birthday party or baby shower
Field day contest
Olympics segment
Calendar entry
Solar or lunar eclipse, e.g.
Super Bowl, e.g Universal 22 Dec 2018
Something happening in square that's close The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2018
Pentathlon part USA Today 09 Dec 2018
Notable happening New York Times 03 Dec 2018
Plane on time for get-together The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Nov 2018
Noteworthy occurrence Newsday 19 Nov 2018
Big-time happening Universal 03 Nov 2018
Social occasion The Times Concise 02 Nov 2018
Race of sailor isn't part of revelations Irish Times Crosaire 01 Nov 2018
First Lady not heartless in meeting The Sun Two Speed 24 Oct 2018
Big thing to plan for Universal 22 Oct 2018
Result The Telegraph Quick 18 Oct 2018
Noteworthy happening Newsday 09 Oct 2018
Track meet part The Washington Post 04 Oct 2018
Track meet part LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2018
Episode exactly on time The Sun Two Speed 27 Sep 2018
Super Bowl or 100-yard dash Family Time 17 Sep 2018
Constant temperature for competition The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Sep 2018
"Wheel of Fortune" category Family Time 03 Sep 2018
. Beginning to enjoy opening match
Take part in eleven, team fixture The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2018
Homecoming, for one Universal 19 Aug 2018
Shot put or javelin USA Today 11 Aug 2018
Incident Premier Sunday 05 Aug 2018
Big match, perhaps, with no winner determined by end of it
Word with "blessed" Universal 01 Aug 2018
Word after blessed or catered Jonesin 31 Jul 2018
Still time to finish competition The Sun Two Speed 16 Jul 2018
Occasion Premier Sunday 15 Jul 2018
Occurrence, occasion Irish Times Simplex 04 Jul 2018
Incident, obvious, papers ignored The Telegraph Toughie 03 Jul 2018
Incident The Telegraph Quick 03 Jul 2018
Syndicate's backer opening case
Facebook calendar addition New York Times 22 Jun 2018
Occurrence Eugene Sheffer 16 Jun 2018
Social gathering Newsday 13 Jun 2018
Last in line opening competition
Like two originally trying high jump, say
Something happening, though troubling originally
__ planner LA Times Daily 31 May 2018
__ planner The Washington Post 31 May 2018
'Wheel of Fortune' category USA Today 16 May 2018
Major happening Newsday 16 Apr 2018
Segment of a sports program Newsday 07 Apr 2018
Competition rising in cost? Never!
Sporting contest opening online, as it were?
Affair the night before not without heart
Competition finally reduced by 50 per cent The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Mar 2018
Shot put, e.g USA Today 04 Mar 2018
Momentous occasion Universal 27 Feb 2018
Just before time of incident
Happening New York Times 12 Feb 2018
Incident, occurrence Irish Times Simplex 23 Jan 2018
Occurrence Universal 03 Jan 2018
Word with "blessed"
Super Bowl, e.g.
Homecoming, for one
Notable happening
Facebook calendar addition
Shot put or javelin
Track meet part
Momentous occasion
__ planner
Big thing to plan for
Big-time happening
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Recreational calendar entry Newsday 14 Dec 2017
Open Eiswein to air for function Irish Times Crosaire 12 Dec 2017
Syndicate's backer opening show
Notable function Newsday 12 Nov 2017
Special occasion Universal 15 Oct 2017
Finally, code opening case
''What's Happening'' listing Newsday 21 Sep 2017
Public occasion, fair close to Haymarket The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2017
Decathlon tenth Jonesin 12 Sep 2017
Incident's clear with papers going missing The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Sep 2017
Level temperature for marathon, maybe
Ceremony, e.g LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2017
Ceremony, e.g The Washington Post 26 Aug 2017
Caterer's job Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2017
Calendar notation Universal 19 Jul 2017
Major to-do Newsday 07 Jul 2017
Significant happening Newsday 28 Jun 2017
''Save the date'' happening Newsday 25 Jun 2017
What will happen aboard the 11.13?
Decathlon segment USA Today 20 May 2017
Happening thing Universal 18 May 2017
Do 70 keeping just within the limits
Planner's project Newsday 14 Apr 2017
What's happening The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Apr 2017
Occurrence archdeacon observed in sci-fi film
Decathlon part USA Today 05 Mar 2017
Discus or javelin USA Today 25 Feb 2017
Social calendar entry USA Today 20 Feb 2017
Big-time social gathering, like the Super Bowl Family Time 20 Feb 2017
Word with main or blessed Universal 12 Feb 2017
Facebook calendar entry USA Today 10 Feb 2017
The javelin toss, e.g Universal 30 Jan 2017
Noteworthy occasion The Washington Post 25 Jan 2017
What happened LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2017
Major happening Universal 12 Jan 2017
Still ahead of time in competition
Keyhole operation?
Word with main or blessed
What happened
Decathlon segment
Calendar notation
Happening thing
Facebook calendar entry
Social calendar entry
Ceremony, e.g.
Major happening
Special occasion
The javelin toss, e.g.
Happening twice in 1770
Function of English passage Irish Times Crosaire 19 Dec 2016
End of the opening contest The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Nov 2016
Datebook entry USA Today 08 Nov 2016
Circumstance Newsday 01 Oct 2016
Excerpt from seventieth episode
. Energy release in incident
Wedding or concert New York Times 29 Aug 2016
Datebook entry The Washington Post 16 Aug 2016
Old Testament female, New Testament incident
Prom or rally Newsday 15 Jul 2016
Planner's specialty Newsday 30 Jun 2016
Space launch, e.g Universal 26 Jun 2016
Track meet component Jonesin 14 Jun 2016
Part of a meet Newsday 05 Jun 2016
Decathlon part Universal 04 Jun 2016
Big happening Universal 29 May 2016
Planner's gig Newsday 26 May 2016
Still time to ride competitively
Big social gathering Newsday 19 Apr 2016
The World Series, e.g LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2016
Woman on new town's major happening
Some 70s occasion The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2016
100-meter dash or shot put New York Times 28 Mar 2016
Meet part USA Today 24 Mar 2016
Big occasion Universal 18 Mar 2016
Track meet component USA Today 14 Mar 2016
Athletic competition like two triathlons principally The Telegraph Toughie 03 Mar 2016
Gala or ball LA Times Daily 02 Mar 2016
High jump or 4 x 100-meter relay New York Times 01 Mar 2016
"Wheel of Fortune" category USA Today 27 Feb 2016
Result such as 4-3 at the start? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Feb 2016
Something happening The Times Concise 04 Feb 2016
Dalliance ultimately opening affair
Meeting patient never upset nurses
Eleven towns hosting equestrian competition
Caterer's booking Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2016
Wedding or concert
Big happening
Decathlon part
Space launch, e.g.
Caterer's booking
Blessed __
Datebook entry
What's happening Jonesin 22 Dec 2015
End of the opening ceremony, perhaps
Word with "main" or "blessed" Universal 10 Dec 2015
Meet component Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2015
Main thing? The Washington Post 06 Dec 2015
Occassion New York Times 26 Nov 2015
Occurrence, incident Irish Times Simplex 31 Oct 2015
Meeting first lady and last son at West End
Episode five bores mixed-up teen The Telegraph Toughie 20 Oct 2015
Word after "main" or "blessed" Universal 19 Oct 2015
Party's one result
Planned social occasion The Guardian Quick 05 Sep 2015
Subject of some Facebook notifications The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Sep 2015
Constant temperature for sporting contest
Do just tons
It may be blessed USA Today 12 Aug 2015
Wedding or concert, e.g New York Times 09 Aug 2015
Function The Telegraph Quick 06 Aug 2015
Something occurring in the 70s
It happened during the 70s
Decathlon division USA Today 14 Jul 2015
It may be blessed LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2015
Part of a meet LA Times Daily 25 Jun 2015
Javelin toss, e.g USA Today 19 Jun 2015
Relay or dash LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2015
Facebook listing New York Times 12 Jun 2015
Track unit USA Today 04 Jun 2015
Big happening USA Today 29 May 2015
Media attraction USA Today 20 May 2015
Javelin throw, for one LA Times Daily 12 May 2015
Still time to be in equestrian competition?
Not odd to initially have affair
Do time, calm at first The Times Cryptic 04 May 2015
Happening Newsday 01 May 2015
It happens LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2015
First woman not lacking heart in race, say The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2015
Player's opening match
Big social gathering Universal 16 Mar 2015
Big occasion USA Today 15 Mar 2015
Competition held by seven-thirty
Word with "main" or "blessed" USA Today 08 Mar 2015
Blessed ___ The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Feb 2015
1-Across, for one New York Times 21 Feb 2015
Drop head of state from 25 across for The Gathering Irish Times Crosaire 09 Feb 2015
Key opening game, perhaps The Times Cryptic 30 Jan 2015
Facebook posting LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2015
The Super Bowl is a major one USA Today 15 Jan 2015
Big-time social gathering Universal 04 Jan 2015
Decathlon division
Blessed or field follower
Meet component
Historical occurrence
Word with "main" or "blessed"
Track unit
The Super Bowl is a major one
Media attraction
Javelin toss, e.g.
It may be blessed
Important happening
Decathlon division
Big occasion
Big happening
Word with "main" or "blessed"
Word after "main" or "blessed"
Big-time social gathering
Big social gathering
Musical happening
Wedding or concert, e.g.
Facebook listing
1-Across, for one
Big happening
Open house, e.g.
Blessed ___
Subject of some Facebook notifications
Relay or dash
Part of a meet
Javelin throw, for one
It may be blessed
It happens
Facebook posting
World Series, for one
Noteworthy happening
Main thing?
Regular time in 1500 metres maybe
Don't let Public Relations quit the sports contest
Old Testament character, New Testament incident
It happens with every other shirt
Regular turnout primarily for tournament
Result of opening on-line first
Seventies' contest
Biblical woman not disheartened - it happens!
Seven triallists screened in the 400 metres?
Woman books occasion
Planner's focus
Track meet component
Social gathering
Big-time social gathering
"Main" or "blessed" thing
Milestone, e.g.
100-meter dash, e.g.
Calendar notation
It may be blessed
___ planner
Schedule listing
Main or blessed thing
Big to-do
Main __
"Wheel of Fortune" category, sometimes
Word after main or track
Job for a caterer
Planner's project
4 x 400-meter relay, e.g.
Gig for a paparazzo
Decathlon segment
Big happening
Golden wedding celebration, for example — partial to platinum anniversary?
What happened to regular model?
What happened in the seventies?
Occurrence of importance
Media attraction
Festival or big show
Olympics unit
Large social gathering, e.g.
Poetry slam, e.g.
It may be historical
Poetry slam, e.g.
Big social gathering, e.g.
Subject of media coverage
Party or parade
Track-meet segment
___ horizon (black hole boundary)
Decathlon unit
Hall booking
Calendar entry
It may be historical
A baby's birth is a blessed one
Major happening
Caterer's gig
Datebook notation
Birthday party, e.g.
Big-time happening
Subject of media coverage
Photo op, for example
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Party planner's gig
Caterer's job
Planner's project
Broad jump or pole vault
Olympics segment
It happens
News conference, e.g.
Big occasion
Important happening
Cause for a press pass
Broad jump or pole vault
The Oscars, e.g.
Planner's gig
Track meet component
Part of a meet
It may be blessed
Field contest
What's happening
Super Bowl, e.g.
"Wheel of Fortune" category
The Grammys, e.g.
The Oscars, e.g.
The Grammys, e.g.
Tenth of a decathlon
It happens
Pole vault, e.g.
Calendar item
Eclipse, e.g.
Big occasion
Woodstock or the Super Bowl, e.g.
Special occasion
Big social gathering, e.g.
Pole vault or long jump
Big do
Caterer's job
Calendar entry
Pole vault, e.g.
It's what's happening
Calendar listing
Long jump or 100-meter dash
Ship's christening, e.g.
It may be blessed
Woodstock or the Super Bowl, e.g.
100-meter dash, e.g.
Calendar entry
Major occasion
Olympics contest, e.g.
What's happening
Important happening
The Super Bowl, e.g.
It's what's happening
Olympics contest, e.g.
What's happening
Arena attraction
Meet segment
Super Bowl, for one
Decathlon unit
Floor exercise, for one
Decathlon part
High jump or discus, e.g.
Big social gathering
Word after main or blessed
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Decathlon unit
Floor exercise, for one
Broad or high jump, e.g.
Occurrence of importance
Javelin throw, e.g.
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Super Bowl, e.g.
Discus, for example
Wedding or commencement, e.g.
Shot put, for one
Meet segment
High jump, e.g.
Online outlet?
Datebook entry
Long jump, e.g.
Decathlon component
Social occasion
Fight card listing
Something worth seeing
Dash or vault
Javelin, e.g.
Important occurrence
Tenth of a decathlon
Dash or vault
"Wheel of Fortune" category
What happened
Westminster Kennel Club show, e.g.
Javelin, e.g.
It happens
Main __
The Academy Awards, e.g.
Society-page listing
Main __
It may be blessed
What's happening
"Wheel of Fortune" category
Major occasion
Meet part
Word with main or blessed
Fete, e.g.
Media attraction
Major happening
Publicist's assignment
It happens
Program listing
Newsreel segment
Front-page item
Chronology element
Major happening
Pentathlon part
"Blessed" occurrence
Javelin or marathon
Olympics contest
Homecoming, e.g.
Academy Awards, e.g.
Decathlon member
Track meet part
What's going on
Chronicle entry
Meet segment
Word with blessed
Meet segment
Track meet contest
What's going on
That's what happens
100-meter dash, e.g.
It's what's happening
Épée or luge
Olympic contest
Decathlon part
Épée or luge
Decathlon part
Banquet or tournament
Big doings
One might be blessed
Super Bowl or the Oscars, e.g.
___ horizon (black hole boundary)
Newsworthy happening
In any ___ (regardless)
Olympic competition
The Super Bowl, e.g.
Something going on
Shot put or 100-meter dash
It may be blessed
Olympic contest
Chronicle entry
Big occasion
Big deal
High jump, at a track meet
Meet component
Subject of media coverage
Olympic category
Calendar item
Marathon, e.g.
Blessed ___
Community calendar item
Something to write home about
Word after main or blessed
Marathon, e.g.
Meet component
Shuttle launch, e.g.
Blessed ___
Belmont Stakes, e.g.
What's happening
Heavyweight title fight, e.g.
Arena attraction
Campaign speech, e.g.
Javelin, for one
Decathlon component
It's what's happening
100-meter hurdles, for one
Meet unit
Bit of history
Happening at a track meet?
Broad jump or pole vault
Pole vault or dash
Superbowl, e.g.
Daytona 500, e.g.
Newsreel segment
A number could be seen outside this sporting fixture?
Media ___ (photo op and more)
Kentucky Derby e.g.
All-star game e.g.
Still time for adventure
Item in sports programme requiring level track, originally
Outcome is not odd when looked at over time
Olympics category
Important occurrence
Campaign stop, e.g.
Blessed follower
"Thrilla in Manila," e.g.
News subject
Woodstock or the Super Bowl
Space launch e.g.
Pole vault e.g.
All-Star game e.g.
Academy Awards e.g.
Big bash
Big occasion
Current following
World Series game e.g.
Social gathering
News item
Momentous occasion
Shot put, e.g.
Gala, e.g.
Shotput, for one
Olympic competition
Big-time happening
News basis
Decathlon part
It happens
The Super Bowl, e.g.
World Series <P>e.g.
Current or blessed
Javelin or epee
Current or blessed
See 10-Across
Big happening
Decathlon part
Track meet section
Reporter's assignment
Program listing
Boxing bout
Decathlon part
Nine days' wonder
Program item
Track-meet contest
Part of a decathlon
Track-meet unit
Nine days' wonder, e.g.
Big happening
Occurrence of note
Track-meet segment
Important occurrence
Track and field competition
Sports contest
Headline getter
A special happening
Sports feature
Super Bowl or World Series
A happening
Main __
Items on a sports program
Hambletonian, e.g.
Meet unit
100-yard dash e.g.
Super Bowl, e.g.
Premiere, for example
Olympics attraction
Olympics listing
Red-letter day
Main ___ (boxing attraction)
Thing of note
Blessed or main
Main ___
In the ___ of
Shotput, for one
In any ___
Handicap race, for one
In any ___.
Sports meet.
Noteworthy occurrence.
Pole vault or high jump.
Sports item.
Unusual development.
Blessed ___.
Special occasion.
Item on a sports program.
Item in 33 Across.
Part of a decathlon.
Particular contest.
Birthday, for example.
Important incident.
Reporter's assignment.
Program item.
Mark of a red-letter day.
Contest in a sports program.
Tennis match, for example.
Newsworthy happening.
Athletic showing.
Part of a track meet.
Significant happening.
One item of a series.
Item in a program.
Contest in a program of sports.
Headline material.
Part of a program of sports.
Important happening.
Item in a sports program.
Item on a track card.
Happening on a red-letter day.
Boxing match, for instance.
Happening of importance.
Contest on a sports program.
Red letter day.
Red-letter day.
Contest in sports program.
Contest in program of sports.
That which comes.
The Super Bowl, e.g.
Skeleton, for one
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