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Word "EXHALE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
give out (breath or an odor)
emanate, give forth
The chimney exhales a thick smoke

Part of Speech:
expel air
breathe out, expire

Crossword Clues for EXHALE

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Clue Source Date
Breathe out The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2021
Puff away: not fit any more? The Sun Two Speed 02 Feb 2021
Yoga class directive LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2020
I'm sorry to admit a mistake so marked beer's put out The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jul 2020
Sigh, say The Washington Post 08 Jul 2020
What to do after you breathe in
Hal to go in river? Don't hold your breath! The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2019
Yoga instruction The Washington Post 03 Oct 2019
Prince Henry in river to breathe out The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Sep 2019
Yoga class instruction Universal 11 May 2019
Advice for relaxing New York Times 14 Mar 2019
Don't hold your breath, as former partner is on heroin and taking drink Irish Times Crosaire 13 Mar 2019
Expire, no longer in good health The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jan 2019
Sigh with relief, say USA Today 17 Jan 2019
Let out a sigh, say USA Today 10 Dec 2018
Don't hold your breath The Washington Post 02 Dec 2018
Yoga command New York Times 10 Mar 2018
Former husband on drink? Blow! The Telegraph Toughie 28 Feb 2018
Breathe out once healthy The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Let it all out? Universal 14 Oct 2017
Trainer's directive Wall Street Journal 11 May 2017
Expel air Irish Times Simplex 06 Feb 2017
Blow out old partner in the pink associated with Hearty Irish Times Crosaire 10 Oct 2016
Relax, metaphorically Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2016
Discharge from old well The Guardian Cryptic 02 May 2016
Show relief, in a way Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2016
Emit air Newsday 05 Nov 2015
Let out some air Universal 04 Apr 2015
Sigh, for instance Newsday 01 Mar 2015
Release tension, possibly New York Times 22 Feb 2015
Let it out Thomas Joseph 06 Feb 2015
Let air out
Yoga teacher's instruction
Blow out
Sigh, for example
Lamaze instruction
Become breathless?
Finish respiring
Meditation instruction
Create secondhand smoke
Personal trainer's instruction
Let out a breath
Let a breath out
Say "Whew!," say
Let the air out
Emit breath
Show slight relief, maybe
Opposite of inspire
Terry McMillan's "Waiting to ___"
Doctor's order, at times
Let out
Trainer's instruction
Word in a Terry McMillan title
Let it all out
Release tension, in a way
Let out air
Deflate one's lungs
"Waiting to ___": McMillan novel
Terry McMillan's "Waiting to _____"
"Waiting to _____"
Blow smoke, e.g.
"Waiting to _____" (Houston film)
"Waiting to ___" (1995 drama)
Force out
Make smoke rings, perhaps
Command to a gym group
Give off
Breathe out.
Gym teacher's command.
Give off, as vapor.
Emit vapor.
Command heard in calisthenics.
Pass off.
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