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Word "EXIST" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
support oneself
live, subsist, survive
he could barely exist on such a low wage

Part of Speech:
have an existence, be extant

Crossword Clues for EXIST

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Clue Source Date
Be Universal 02 Mar 2021
Be present New York Times 26 Feb 2021
Aren't imaginary Newsday 02 Feb 2021
Walk the earth Universal 20 Jan 2021
Live Thomas Joseph 14 Dec 2020
Be alive Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2020
Aren’t imaginary Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2020
One of The Doors besieging lead singer to get a life? Irish Times Crosaire 15 Oct 2020
Have objective reality Irish Times Simplex 09 Sep 2020
Live with former partner first ... The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2020
Half a dozen turning up in Alien survive Irish Times Crosaire 25 Aug 2020
Be a real thing USA Today 16 Aug 2020
Live and breathe USA Today 31 Jul 2020
Have being The Sun Two Speed 10 Jun 2020
Be way out round south The Sun Two Speed 10 Jun 2020
Are real Jonesin 03 Dec 2019
Barely scrape by USA Today 27 Nov 2019
Be real Thomas Joseph 23 Sep 2019
Are The Washington Post 20 Aug 2019
Take up space; survive The Guardian Speedy 14 Jul 2019
Survive The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2019
Get by, barely USA Today 20 Jan 2019
Take up space Universal 14 Jul 2018
Have life The Washington Post 03 Jul 2018
One of The Doors admits singing the lead - it has something to do with Staying Alive Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jun 2018
Survive, barely USA Today 07 May 2018
One of The Doors admits lead singer could be alive Irish Times Crosaire 03 May 2018
Former partner first to survive The Sun Two Speed 28 Mar 2018
Subsist The Telegraph Quick 21 Feb 2018
Scrape by Irish Times Simplex 15 Feb 2018
Be, live The Telegraph Quick 11 Feb 2018
Live way out, across sierra The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2017
To live in Essex is terrific The Sun Two Speed 05 Dec 2017
To be readily available, part of index is typeset The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2017
Be first to support old flame The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Aug 2017
Live way out across end of suburbs The Telegraph Cryptic 31 May 2017
Succeeded in leaving to survive The Times Cryptic 18 May 2017
Be leaving, accepting direction The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2017
Just get by USA Today 10 Feb 2017
Be special in final performance? The Telegraph Toughie 07 Feb 2017
Former lover put on one stone to stay alive The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2016
Are no longer first The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Aug 2016
Be back at six -- early screening The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jun 2016
Have a place in the world LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2016
Be prejudiced about women appearing topless The Times Cryptic 01 Jul 2015
Are around New York Times 13 Jun 2015
You do it if you breathe USA Today 30 May 2015
Live in flat six -- endeavour coming up? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Apr 2015
Be established as transporter of football team? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jan 2015
Calabrese "Vampires Don't ___"
Blink-182 "Aliens ___"
Have a life
What unicorns don't do
Can be found
Occupy time and space
Be among the real
Get a life?
Have corporeality
Have a place
Stay alive
Get by
Continue to be
Occupy space
Get along
Be more than a dream
Have real being
Earn a meager living
Meet only the basic needs
Draw breath
"She doesn't even know I ___!"
Never say die
Are not imaginary
Take up room
Just scrape by
Fill space
Be around
Be there
Just vegetate
Have reality
"From whom we do ___ . . . ": Shak.
Live from day to day
Continue to be.
Be present.
Have being.
To be.
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