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Word "EYESIGHT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
normal use of the faculty of vision
seeing, sightedness

Crossword Clues for EYESIGHT

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Clue Source Date
Sense agreement amongst rowing crew The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2020
Power of vision The Sun Two Speed 28 Nov 2020
One speech at faculty provides vision Irish Times Crosaire 27 Nov 2020
Faculty of vision The Times Concise 09 May 2020
Optometrist's concern The Washington Post 05 May 2020
Sense agreement within rowing team The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Ability to look all right in rowing team The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2019
Faculty I quote on the radio The Sun Two Speed 13 Jul 2019
Faculty I mention in speech The Sun Two Speed 12 Jun 2019
Faculty certainly welcomed by rowing team The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2019
Ability to see The Times Concise 14 Mar 2019
Vision, certainly in place in blindness The Telegraph Toughie 26 Oct 2018
Figure welcoming fine faculty The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jul 2018
Sense runs out of military command The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2018
Vision The Telegraph Quick 15 Apr 2018
OK to enter figure, seeing ability The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jan 2018
View of frozen water summit on air The Telegraph Toughie 03 Aug 2017
What having contacts can improve Universal 02 Mar 2017
Figure capturing certain vision The Telegraph Toughie 14 Dec 2016
Faculty sure needed to crack the next clue The Telegraph Toughie 01 Apr 2016
Sense certainly retained by rowers? The Telegraph Toughie 24 Feb 2016
With which one looks to find agreement in some people who row The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Dec 2015
Vision absolutely needed to be part of a rowing team The Times Cryptic 08 Jul 2015
Ophthalmologist's concern LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2015
It improves when you have contacts
It may improve if you have contacts
Common sense that Milton and Homer lacked
It needs some perspective
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.