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Word "FACET" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a distinct feature or element in a problem
he studied every facet of the question

Part of Speech:
a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

Crossword Clues for FACET

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Clue Source Date
Gem surface Newsday 22 Feb 2021
Side to be considered New York Times 27 Jan 2021
... about the drug lord Tony Montana / Aspect The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jan 2021
Diamond surface Universal 07 Dec 2020
Feature expert in business paper The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2020
Cut gemstone surface The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2020
Aspect of a problem LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2020
Gem side Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
Feature a church in financial paper The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2020
Side of a diamond New York Times 23 Aug 2020
Expert appearing in newspaper feature The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jul 2020
Side of an issue or a diamond USA Today 01 Jun 2020
Diamond feature Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2020
Flat surface on a cut gem The Times Concise 18 Mar 2020
Attribute Jonesin 03 Mar 2020
Aspect USA Today 27 Feb 2020
Peridot's plane The Washington Post Sunday 09 Feb 2020
Diamond side Thomas Joseph 03 Dec 2019
Feature excellent in financial paper The Sun Two Speed 24 Jun 2019
Feature of a cut gemstone USA Today 24 Apr 2019
Cut diamond's feature USA Today 25 Mar 2019
Side New York Times 24 Jan 2019
Gem feature Universal 27 Jun 2018
Gemstone surface Universal 27 Mar 2018
Side of a gem New York Times 13 Mar 2018
Rhinestone surface USA Today 09 Feb 2018
Dimension Newsday 27 Jan 2018
Confront the opening aspect The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2018
Distinct feature, as of a problem Universal 15 Sep 2017
Side with foreign footballers - is this evocative of Lyon? Irish Times Crosaire 05 Aug 2017
Surface of a gem The Guardian Speedy 22 Apr 2017
Aspect, feature The Times Concise 07 Apr 2016
Feature The Telegraph Quick 11 Sep 2015
Part of a cut gemstone USA Today 26 Aug 2015
Feature of a cut gem
Side of a cut gem
Diamond cutter's creation
Jeweler's creation
Emerald side
Plane on a diamond
Sapphire side
Gem's cut surface
Gem's plane
Cut gemstone feature
Rhinestone feature
Diamond plane
Sapphire surface
Stone surface
Brilliant side
Smooth gem surface
Cut gem feature
Ruby ridge
Sparkler part
A cabochon lacks this
Diamond part
Plane surface
Gem's polished surface
Part of a cut gem
Aspect of a personality
Part of a gem
Surface of a gem.
Gem surface.
Diamond surface.
Side or aspect.
Phase, as of a topic.
Phase or aspect.
Gem embellishment.
Plane surface of a gem.
Aspect of a personality.
Flat surface of a gem.
Small plane surface of a cut gem.
Unit of a fly's compound eye.
Gem side.
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