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Word "FACTOR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission
agent, broker

Part of Speech:
(genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity
cistron, gene
genes were formerly called factors

Part of Speech:
an abstract part of something
component, constituent, element, ingredient
a key factor in her success

Crossword Clues for FACTOR

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Clue Source Date
Characteristic of fine player The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2021
Element The Telegraph Quick 04 Jan 2021
Cause of manufacturing plant closing early The Telegraph Toughie 24 Nov 2020
Business agent The Times Concise 12 Sep 2020
Circumstance or influence that contributes to a result Irish Times Simplex 05 Sep 2020
Something that affects a result LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2020
Influence of female in the abbey Irish Times Crosaire 01 Feb 2020
Influencing circumstance The Times Concise 20 Aug 2019
Consideration Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2019
Steal kiss from talent show agent The Telegraph Toughie 06 Jun 2019
Influence loud performer The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2019
One circumstance that contributes to a result Irish Times Simplex 05 Jan 2019
Circumstances The Telegraph Quick 07 Oct 2018
Contributing element Newsday 26 Aug 2018
Is loud thespian something that has to be taken into account? The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2018
3 or 5, to 15 The Washington Post Sunday 03 Sep 2017
Fine performer's important part The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Aug 2017
Of 15, 3 or 5 The Times Concise 27 Aug 2017
Number by which another is exactly divisible The Times Concise 19 Jun 2017
Agent of female player The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2017
Circumstance The Telegraph Quick 16 Apr 2017
Cause The Telegraph Quick 15 Jan 2017
Fine performer creating part The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2016
Circumstance that contributes to a result Irish Times Simplex 25 Feb 2016
Loud performer that has to be taken into account The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jan 2016
Girls know Max is one for the looks and that's a consideration Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jan 2016
Aspect Eugene Sheffer 16 Nov 2015
Consideration in making a decision Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2015
Something to consider Universal 12 Sep 2015
Contributory cause of plant being docked? The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jun 2015
Relevant element
Part of SPF
Je ne sais quoi
Something that matters
Wind chill ___
2, 3, 4 or 6, for 12
TV's "Fear __"
Allow for, with "in"
Two, to four
2 or 3, to 6
Find the divisors of
Mathematical number
Break down
Contributing cause
Two or three, to six
Important point
Five to ten, e.g.?
Contributing _____
Commission merchant
Cosmetician Max
Commercial agent
Constituent part.
Sales agent.
Commission merchant.
Element that contributes to a result.
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