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Word "FADE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
gradually ceasing to be visible

Part of Speech:
lose freshness, vigor, or vitality

Part of Speech:
become less clearly visible or distinguishable; disappear gradually or seemingly
The scene begins to fade

Crossword Clues for FADE

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Clue Source Date
Burst ___ (haircut) USA Today 12 Apr 2021
Lose strength Newsday 19 Dec 2020
Disappear gradually Newsday 30 Nov 2020
Dwindle The Telegraph Quick 21 Nov 2020
Tapered hairstyle New York Times 15 Nov 2020
Lose brightness USA Today 03 Nov 2020
Disappear, like a sunset Family Time 25 Oct 2020
Lose color New York Times 19 Oct 2020
Hairstyle that's short on the sides New York Times 03 Oct 2020
Some revolutionary unsettled a family in decline Irish Times Crosaire 30 Sep 2020
Wither away LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2020
Decline what's fancied in the last race Irish Times Crosaire 14 Aug 2020
Lessen in power New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Tapered haircut Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
Lose luster, as colors LA Times Daily 11 May 2020
Four notes gradually diminish The Sun Two Speed 10 May 2020
Die away The Sun Two Speed 10 May 2020
Direction in a film script New York Times 29 Mar 2020
Grow dim Newsday 25 Mar 2020
Lose steam The Washington Post 22 Mar 2020
Drop from the leader board The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Grow faint The Times Concise 16 Dec 2019
Dim female given notice on fourth of June The Sun Two Speed 22 Nov 2019
Lighten up? Universal 03 Nov 2019
Lose power The Washington Post Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Fall into obscurity USA Today 23 Sep 2019
Become dim Newsday 20 Aug 2019
Grow paler Thomas Joseph 22 Mar 2019
Grow faint gradually Newsday 21 Mar 2019
Tapering haircut New York Times 10 Mar 2019
Music outro effect New York Times 21 Oct 2018
Get lighter in the sun Universal 13 Oct 2018
Gradually get tired The Washington Post 28 Sep 2018
Lose vibrancy, as from exposure to sunlight New York Times 24 Sep 2018
Get dimmer Premier Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Melt away USA Today 31 Aug 2018
___ to black (movie effect) USA Today 28 Aug 2018
Slowly disappear Family Time 30 Jul 2018
Diminish slowly The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Dim New York Times 04 May 2018
Gradually disappear Newsday 23 Apr 2018
Gradually disappear as one of the swingers might want to do this Irish Times Crosaire 26 Mar 2018
Slowly vanish Universal 18 Feb 2018
Dye out? Universal 26 Dec 2017
Decline, as popularity USA Today 07 Oct 2017
In golf, a delicate type of shot The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2017
Short-on-the-sides hairstyle Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2017
Lose colour The Telegraph Quick 25 Jun 2017
Fashion house's finale, dull The Times Cryptic 30 May 2017
Become duller in color Newsday 08 May 2017
Grow pale The Washington Post 30 Apr 2017
Craze associated with East 17 The Telegraph Toughie 12 Apr 2017
Scene-ending film effect USA Today 03 Apr 2017
Reduce short-term interest rate finally The Telegraph Toughie 08 Feb 2017
Lose vitality The Washington Post 22 Dec 2016
High-topped hairstyle Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2016
Become dull New York Times 16 Sep 2016
Diminish The Washington Post 01 Sep 2016
Become hard to see Newsday 26 Jul 2016
Lose strength over time LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2016
Lose sparkle Universal 16 May 2016
Craze ultimately sure to decline The Times Cryptic 02 May 2016
Lose vibrancy New York Times 26 Apr 2016
Become dimmer USA Today 26 Jan 2016
Lose vividness New York Times 26 Jan 2016
Become harder to see USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Gradually vanish LA Times Daily 30 Nov 2015
Lose intensity Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2015
Lose luster Newsday 12 Nov 2015
Wither The Telegraph Quick 22 Sep 2015
Disappear slowly Universal 21 Sep 2015
Tapering hairdo New York Times 05 Sep 2015
Lose energy LA Times Daily 22 May 2015
Leaders flogging a dead horse in the end of decline Irish Times Crosaire 17 Feb 2015
Hi-top haircut
Fall out of contention
End-of-song feature
Film technique
Lose color, in a way
Crew cut's cousin
Age blue jeans
Lose brilliance
Lose color in the wash
Vanish gradually
Diminish in color
Become less bright
Become a whiter shade of pale
Age, as blue jeans
1980s hairstyle
Gradually lose color
Hair style on some old hip-hop album covers
1980s hip-hop hairstyle
Sparkle a little less
Scene-ending film technique
Struggle at the finish
Dim over time
Not do well in the stretch
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.