Word "FAIRY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
offensive term for a homosexual man
fag, faggot, fagot, nance, pansy, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queer

Part of Speech:
a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers
faerie, faery, fay, sprite

Crossword Clues for FAIRY

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Clue Source Date
Small magical being
Imagined being pretty, having lost pounds The Times Cryptic 26 Mar 2024
*Pixie-like magical being that may come for your "tooth"
Boatman taken in by very much unknown type of cake (5)
A loud, breezy sort of godmother, perhaps (5)
Dainty supernatural being The Times Concise 13 Feb 2024
___ Godmother, Cinderella character (5)
Sprite is loud and breezy (5)
- - - lights, colourful twinkling decorations (5)
___ cakes (cupcakes, in the U.K.) New York Times 09 Sep 2023
___ Godmother, "Cinderella" figure who has a wand and wings
Wand wielder LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2023
Folklore flier Newsday 07 Apr 2023
Fanta's first, then open Sprite
Fanta's first, then open Sprite The Guardian Cryptic 20 Oct 2022
Unreal being fine and insubstantial The Guardian Cryptic 02 May 2022
Unreal being fine and insubstantial
Sugar Plum ___, ruler of the Land of Sweets in 11a
Just imaginary, ultimately, mythological being The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2021
Elf-like creature, fine and insubstantial
Sprite Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2021
Type of tale or godmother
… the 25th one, perhaps, for Puck?
___ Circles, mysterious circular barren patches of land encircled by vegetation found in Namibia
Cinderella's Godmother, for one
Sprite The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2021
Puck for one quite left out The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2021
Fanciful tooth collector Newsday 14 Jan 2021
Being who may take teeth Universal 09 Jan 2021
Shakespeare’s Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth or Mustardseed Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2021
Tinker Bell, for one New York Times 02 Nov 2020
Magic wand wielder
___ godmother USA Today 28 Apr 2020
Folklore being The Telegraph Quick 14 Apr 2020
Tooth ___, modern legendary creature that exchanges teeth for money
Magic wand wielder
Rather lost out as Puck?
Legendary tooth buyer Universal 14 Jul 2019
Legendary tooth buyer
__ tale (story like ''Cinderella'') Newsday 23 Apr 2018
Mythical good-natured creature from children's bedtime books
Puck? Female, 6, non-starter!
Tinker Bell, for one Newsday 26 Apr 2017
Kids leave their baby teeth under their pillows, in the hope of a present from the Tooth ___
Decent play's ending for Puck
Magical being The Telegraph Quick 01 Jul 2016
Lucinda in 'Ella Enchanted,' e.g The Washington Post 24 Jun 2016
Oberon or Titania
Not large, quite a small charming creature
Sprite Eugene Sheffer 24 Jun 2015
Tinker Bell, e.g Newsday 24 May 2015
Brothers Grimm creature LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2015
Tinker Bell, e.g.
Brothers Grimm creature
Scatterer of dust
Tinker Bell, say
Tinker Bell, for one
Life restorer, in Zelda games
Mythological do-gooder
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" extra
Mythological do-gooder
Kind of "Tale," to Blue October
One carrying dust, maybe
Neverland resident
Baby-tooth taker
Dust spreader
Pixie dust strewer
Magic wand wielder
Magic wand wielder
Kind of tale
Godmother, at times
Godmother, at times
Pixie dust producer
Kind of princess
Tooth remover?
Magical being
Pinocchio's benefactor
Tinkerbell, for one
Tinkerbell, e.g.
Dust spreader
Wee wand wielder
Subject of Oberon
Tinker Bell or Titania
Folklore figure
Oberon follower
Baby-tooth taker
Tooth _____
Kind of magic
One of the little people
Wand wielder
With 58 Across, where to read 17 Across, etc.
Mab or Titania
One of Oberon's subjects
Tooth stealer?
Kind of godmother
Peaseblossom, for one.
Cobweb or Peaseblossom.
Queen Mab.
Tinker Bell, for instance.
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