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Clue Source Date
Reunion gp Eugene Sheffer 19 Sep 2022
Relatives, in brief Universal 12 Sep 2022
Mom, dad, sis, bro, etc Universal 12 Aug 2022
Sibs, 'rents, etc LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2022
Sibs, 'rents, etc The Washington Post 18 Apr 2022
Reunion gp Eugene Sheffer 16 Feb 2022
Mom, bro, sis, etc Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2022
Relatives, slangily Universal 03 Jan 2022
Relatives, for short Universal 24 Dec 2021
Relatives, casually Premier Sunday 05 Dec 2021
Relatives, for short USA Today 16 Oct 2021
Pop group? New York Times 09 Oct 2021
Bro, to sis The Washington Post 30 Sep 2021
Bro, to sis LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2021
Relatives, informally New York Times 23 Aug 2021
Clan, slangily Thomas Joseph 11 Aug 2021
Close kin, informally USA Today 01 Aug 2021
Relatives, colloquially USA Today 29 Jul 2021
Kin, informally Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2021
Blood, slangily LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2021
Blood, slangily The Washington Post 20 Jun 2021
Kin, informally New York Times 03 May 2021
Reunion gp Eugene Sheffer 30 Apr 2021
Ones closest to you, informally New York Times 17 Apr 2021
Relatives, slangily The Washington Post 12 Mar 2021
Relatives, slangily LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2021
Kinfolk, for short Jonesin 16 Feb 2021
Sibs, uncs, etc The Washington Post 01 Dec 2020
Sibs, uncs, etc LA Times Daily 01 Dec 2020
Loud American male relatives The Telegraph Toughie 24 Nov 2020
See 42-Across LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2020
See 42-Across The Washington Post 21 Nov 2020
Closest peeps The Washington Post 01 Nov 2020
Closest peeps LA Times Daily 01 Nov 2020
Kin, informally USA Today 05 Oct 2020
The rents and sibs, say Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2020
Relatives, colloquially USA Today 09 Jun 2020
Sibs and rents, collectively Wall Street Journal 16 May 2020
Besties The New Yorker 16 Mar 2020
Your peeps Universal 27 Feb 2020
Mom, pop and the kids, say
Relatives, informally Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
The ’rents and the rest Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2019
Close kin, casually New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Clan, slangily Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
People you're close with, in slang The Washington Post Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Group of close friends, in modern slang New York Times 31 May 2019
Sis, bro, ma, etc Universal 11 Apr 2019
Home bodies, for short Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2019
Relatives, casually New York Times 30 Jan 2019
Group of close friends, in modern slang
Clan, slangily
Close kin, casually
Relatives, casually
Home bodies, for short
Sis, bro, ma, etc.
Direct relatives, slangily Jonesin 15 May 2018
Sibs, uncs, etc.
One's nearest and dearest, informally New York Times 05 Jul 2017
One's nearest and dearest, informally
Mom, dad, sibs, etc LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2016
Mom, dad, sibs, etc.
Dad, mom, bro and sis New York Times 19 Oct 2015
Mom, pop, and kids
Cable-guide abbr.
"Bruh" relative
Dad, mom, bro and sis
Turkey day visitors, briefly
Gp. of relatives
Close kin, for short
Relatives, in slang
Reunion gp.
Pop is part of it: Abbr.
Reunion gp.
Group of relatives: Abbr.
Reunion gp.
Reunion gp.
Clan: Abbr.
Sibs, uncs, etc.
Relatives, slangily
Relatives: Abbr.
Taxonomic div.
Relatives, slangily
Genealogical grp.
Reunion gp.
Relations: Abbr.
Albee's "___ and Yam"
Relatives: Abbr.
Home bodies?: Abbr.
Reunion grp.
"The 700 Club" channel, in TV listings
Relatives, slangily
Reunion grp.
Mom, dad and the kids: Abbr.
Grp. of relatives
Kin: Abbr.
Cable guide abbr.
Reunion grp.
Cable channel, in TV listings
Cable TV sta.
Bro and sis, e.g.
Taxonomic div.
Genealogical study: Abbr.
Albee's "___ and Yam"
Home group: Abbr.
Related group: Abbr.
Lineage: Abbr.
Wife and children: Abbr.
Social group: Abbr.
Community unit: Abbr.
Grp. of relatives
Holiday visitors, with "the"
Home bodies, for short?
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