Word "FAST" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause
firm, loyal, truehearted
fast friends

Part of Speech:
firmly or closely
held fast to the rope
her foot was stuck fast

Part of Speech:
securely fixed in place
firm, immobile

Crossword Clues for FAST

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Clue Source Date
Observe Ramadan, say LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2023
Fixed hurriedly The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Mar 2023
Quickly The Telegraph Quick 21 Feb 2023
*Have no food Universal 31 Jan 2023
What many do during Ramadan and Yom Kippur New York Times 04 Dec 2022
Rapid The Telegraph Quick 04 Nov 2022
Speedy Thomas Joseph 25 Oct 2022
Observe Ramadan Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2022
Speedy USA Today 14 Sep 2022
Lickety-split LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2022
Carved from tufa stone, immoveable
Carved from tufa stone, immoveable The Guardian Cryptic 31 Aug 2022
Unfading New York Times 19 Aug 2022
Son covered in blubber is to cut back on food The Times Cryptic 19 Jul 2022
Football Association’s time is secure The Times Cryptic 27 Jun 2022
Media __: unplugged period LA Times Daily 18 Jun 2022
Observe Ramadan LA Times Daily 17 Jun 2022
Observe Ramadan, say Wall Street Journal 17 May 2022
With great speed Newsday 01 May 2022
Quickly, rapidly Irish Times Simplex 20 Apr 2022
Speedy Newsday 11 Apr 2022
Like Atanarjuat USA Today 30 Mar 2022
Express Newsday 26 Mar 2022
Quickly stuck The Times Cryptic 14 Mar 2022
Quick USA Today 13 Mar 2022
Like Shinkansen trains USA Today 02 Mar 2022
In a wink Universal 26 Feb 2022
Live on water, say New York Times 05 Feb 2022
Speedy Thomas Joseph 17 Jan 2022
Moving rapidly The Times Concise 04 Jan 2022
High-speed Premier Sunday 19 Dec 2021
Rapid The Telegraph Quick 05 Dec 2021
Fleet Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2021
Rapid, speedy The Times Concise 27 Nov 2021
Rapidly Newsday 26 Oct 2021
Speedy The Guardian Quick 09 Oct 2021
Period of abstinence for firm The Times Cryptic 07 Oct 2021
Moving rapidly, or stuck when grabbed by foot
Speedy Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2021
Like the person sprinting past you Family Time 19 Jul 2021
Rapid The Times Concise 16 May 2021
Rapid USA Today 14 May 2021
Rapid Newsday 11 May 2021
Like a shot Newsday 09 May 2021
Quick, rapid The Times Concise 15 Apr 2021
Speedy LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2021
Speedy The Washington Post 06 Apr 2021
Speedy Thomas Joseph 30 Mar 2021
Not moving or gaining time?
Protest, in a way The Washington Post 25 Feb 2021
Protest, in a way LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2021
Quickly Newsday 22 Feb 2021
With 54-Across, court strategy Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2021
Not eating quickly
Moving quickly The Times Concise 29 Jan 2021
Yom Kippur ritual The Washington Post 20 Jan 2021
Yom Kippur ritual LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2021
Observe Yom Kippur USA Today 18 Jan 2021
Breakneck ... or something to break New York Times 15 Jan 2021
Go without eating Jonesin 29 Dec 2020
. Ultimately, this will cut blubber
Not eating quickly
Observe Ramadan, say USA Today 19 Oct 2020
Not liable to run like the wind
Speedy Eugene Sheffer 05 Oct 2020
Firmly fixed LA Times Daily 30 Sep 2020
Speedy Universal 22 Sep 2020
. Quickly getting stuck?
Speedy USA Today 15 Aug 2020
Express firm seeking excitement The Telegraph Toughie 07 Aug 2020
With celerity Jonesin 28 Jul 2020
Quick The Telegraph Quick 21 Jul 2020
Don't eat so quickly
Moving quickly or not at all
Like the Flash The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Like a sprinter USA Today 17 Jun 2020
Go without food The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Fixed in a flash The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Not leisurely Universal 04 May 2020
Observe Ramadan Wall Street Journal 08 Apr 2020
Rapid The Telegraph Quick 02 Apr 2020
Period of not eating quickly
Swift Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2020
Go to extremes, foodwise New York Times 27 Feb 2020
Leaders of the firm are shrewd, tactful, and swift
Closed rapidly
Obese, eating seconds, and not running
Don't eat quickly
Speedy firm?
Quick and easy?
Do this if latest of binges puts on weight?
Most of staff, after restructuring, secure
Unable to move quickly
Head of staff in large firm
Unable to move / quickly
Unable to move foot, when entering
Refuse to eat quickly
Swift feeding off a starling
Swift starts to fly after seeing them
Eat nothing in a hurry
Refrain from eating quickly
Refrain from eating quickly
Secure period of abstinence
How to lose weight quickly
Don't eat quickly
Go without food — quickly!
Don't eat food quickly
Eat nothing when wrapped in newspaper
Don't eat seconds in lard
Don't eat quickly
Fleet unable to move
Quick break before this
Exercise for spiritual wellbeing firmly fixed
24 Don't eat quickly
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