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Crossword Clues for FEELS

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Clue Source Date
Believes LA Times Daily 26 Mar 2021
Touches LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2021
Examines by touching Universal 04 Feb 2021
Senses Universal 02 Feb 2021
Reads Braille, for example Universal 01 Feb 2021
Reads Braille Universal 13 Jan 2021
Has a hunch Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2020
Has the opinion Newsday 02 Dec 2019
Doesn't really know New York Times 28 Apr 2019
Doesn't know for a fact, say New York Times 17 Dec 2017
Thinks but doesn't know for a fact New York Times 21 Sep 2017
Seems to be Newsday 10 Sep 2017
Tests, with "out" LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2016
Uses digits? Universal 02 Dec 2015
Just knows Eugene Sheffer 21 Mar 2015
Tom Petty "You Don't Know How It ___"
Isn't insensitive
Intuitive senses
Senses with one's hands
Isn't made of stone
Becomes conscious of
Strikes one as
Is affected by
Is sensitive
Has hands-on experience?
Has a sense about
Has an opinion
What an antenna does
Has sympathy (for)
Native talents
Reads in Braille
Reads Braille, e.g.
Is touching
Bleeds (for)
Displays emotion
Is compassionate
Has emotions
Tests, in a way
Perceives, in a way
Senses, in a way
Native abilities
Perceives by touch
Seems like
Mental impressions
Intuitive abilities
Gets hands-on experience
Examines by touch
Reacts emotionally.
Shows pity.
Knows intuitively.
Has compassion.
Examines by touch.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.