Crossword Clues for FINANCE

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Clue Source Date
Man that's engaged to be shown round northern capital The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Apr 2022
Green field? The Washington Post Sunday 23 Jan 2022
Intended to hold name back The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jul 2021
Economics The Telegraph Quick 14 Mar 2021
Monetary support The Times Concise 29 Apr 2020
Intended to purchase new investment The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2018
Fund The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2018
One's intended to collect new money The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2018
Any number taken on board by one engaged in money matters The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Oct 2018
Supply funding for Thomas Joseph 12 Sep 2018
One promised to keep new backing The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jun 2018
Trading trade The New Yorker 30 Apr 2018
Money management The Times Concise 12 Oct 2017
Punishment holding African party back The Times Cryptic 11 Jul 2017
Fund The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2017
Man committed to union securing new funding The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Mar 2017
Money affairs The Telegraph Quick 14 Nov 2016
Intended to welcome new money The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Oct 2016
Money matters Premier Sunday 07 Feb 2016
Money matters The Telegraph Quick 25 Sep 2015
See 9 The Guardian Quick 15 Aug 2015
Back, in a way
What record company will do for recording sessions
Back, in a way
Back, or front
Pay for, as a project
Engaged fellow comprehends new money matters (7)
Be a Broadway angel
MBA specialty
Get behind
Be an angel?
Back, in a way
Wall Street business
Back with money
Pay for, as a project
College course
MBA course
Front or back
Provide funds for
Money matters
Supply capital
Provide the money
Pecuniary management.
Budget maker's job.
Budget business.
Wall Street specialty.
Business of the Stock Exchange.
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