Word "FINESSE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
subtly skillful handling of a situation
delicacy, diplomacy, discreetness

Crossword Clues for FINESSE

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Clue Source Date
English ship with very good external polish The Times Cryptic 01 Jul 2022
Impressive skill and tact The Times Concise 28 Mar 2022
Skillful handling Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2022
Female, one with extraordinary sense and diplomacy The Times Cryptic 10 Jan 2022
At home getting involved in ordinary diplomacy? The Times Cryptic 20 Dec 2021
Artful subtlety The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2021
Get around The Washington Post 26 Sep 2021
Get around LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2021
Skillful grace Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2021
Subtly skillful handling of a situation Family Time 25 Jan 2021
In card play, an attempt to take a trick with a possible rather than definite winner, hoping to gain an extra trick The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Handle skillfully USA Today 05 Oct 2020
Skillful handling The Washington Post 01 Oct 2020
Skillful handling LA Times Daily 01 Oct 2020
Artful maneuvering USA Today 21 Sep 2020
2018 hit featuring Cardi B USA Today 25 Jul 2020
Skillful maneuvering USA Today 30 Dec 2019
Soft touch
Soft touch New York Times 23 Nov 2019
Delicacy that's unlimited if in Essex The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Nov 2019
Diplomat's skill Premier Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Attempt to win a trick with one's lower card The Telegraph General Knowledge 13 Oct 2019
Skillful handling of a situation New York Times 07 Oct 2019
Skillful handling of a situation
Diplomacy New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Achieve with subtlety The Times Concise 14 Aug 2019
Tactful handling The Washington Post 08 Jun 2019
Tactful handling LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2019
Bridge stratagem USA Today 02 May 2019
Tactful handling
Bridge stratagem
Subtly skilful handling of a situation Irish Times Simplex 23 Oct 2018
Risky bridge play New York Times 25 Jun 2018
Delicacy The Telegraph Quick 01 Jun 2018
Financial penalties needing case of subtle flair The Telegraph Cryptic 23 May 2018
Deft touch New York Times 25 Mar 2018
Deft touch
Risky bridge play
Savoir-faire Jonesin 21 Nov 2017
Diplomatic skill USA Today 20 Nov 2017
Skillful handling Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2017
Tactfulness Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Excellent ship backed by energy and skill The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2017
Diplomatic skill
Adroit maneuvering USA Today 09 Nov 2016
Delicate handling LA Times Daily 06 Sep 2016
Refinement Eugene Sheffer 08 Aug 2016
Delicate skill Newsday 11 May 2016
Deft touch Universal 02 Apr 2016
Deft touch USA Today 13 Mar 2016
Delicate handling
Skill plus delicacy Universal 24 Dec 2015
Adroitness The Guardian Speedy 29 Nov 2015
Expression of disgust about Scottish tourist trap? Tact is needed The Telegraph Toughie 17 Nov 2015
Diplomacy Universal 29 Mar 2015
Subtle handling Universal 24 Jan 2015
Skill plus delicacy
Subtle handling
Adroit maneuvering
Skill and grace
Delicate skill
Tactful handling
Skillful maneuvering
Great delicacy
Trick-winning attempt in bridge
Smooth skill
Maneuver adroitly
Artful handling
Deft touch
Artful handling
Opposite of gaucherie
Skilled delicacy
Skillful maneuver
Great skill
Tactful handling
Skill plus delicacy
Nifty bridge play
Hearts maneuver
Skillfully maneuver
Savoir faire
Savoir faire
Tactful handling
Bridge maneuver
Graceful skill
Certain bridge play
Tactful treatment
Card game maneuver
Adroit maneuvering
Subtle skill
Subtle skill
Bridge ploy
Skillful maneuver
Contract ploy
Bridge ploy
Skillful maneuver
Skill plus style
Deft touch
Polish or ploy
Bridge ploy
Strategy for Goren
Bridge strategy
Bridge play
Maneuver in bridge
Card play.
Bridge maneuver.
Common bridge procedure.
Delicate skill.
Bridge stratagem.
Subtle discrimination.
Cardplayer's strategy.
How to win a trick at bridge.
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