Crossword Clues for FINEST

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Clue Source Date
First-rate New York Times 08 Sep 2022
Best The Washington Post 19 May 2022
Best LA Times Daily 19 May 2022
Ground for the longest time Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2022
Of the utmost quality New York Times 27 Dec 2020
''World's __ Comics'' (where Luthor and the Joker teamed up) Newsday 24 Oct 2020
Descriptor for a police force New York Times 08 Jun 2019
Most excellent Newsday 29 Apr 2019
Descriptor for a police force
Most splendid poem about dwelling in a tree? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2018
Top-of-the-line USA Today 23 Apr 2018
Most elegant LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2017
Most elegant The Washington Post 22 Aug 2017
Lift provided, home being most decent The Times Cryptic 28 Jun 2017
Of the highest quality Irish Times Simplex 13 Apr 2017
Cream of the crop USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Most elegant
Top-grade Newsday 08 Dec 2016
Of the highest quality New York Times 12 Sep 2016
NYPD descriptor Universal 13 Aug 2016
NYPD descriptor
Of the highest quality
Of the best quality Thomas Joseph 21 Jan 2015
Least coarse
Crème de la crème
The best
Crème de la crème
Most elegant
Crème de la crème
Least ratty
R.E.M. "___ Worksong"
R.E.M.'s "Worksong"
Cream of the crop
Adjective for the NYPD
Funk rockers Mother's ___
N.Y.P.D. descriptor
Most exquisite
Most excellent
New York's police epithet
The best
Surpassing in quality
Police epithet, with "the"
Pick of the litter
Of the best quality
The best there is to offer
Of the best quality
Have the best value
Most elegant
Superior to the average
N.Y.P.D. description
Police, informally
Most exquisite
"This was their ___ hour" (Churchill)
New York's ___: NYPD
New York s ___: policemen
Least coarse
Tops in quality
Most excellent
Better than better
A __one
Most elegant
"Their ___ Hour": Churchill
Adjective for the N.Y.P.D.
Cream of the crop
Most delicate
The best
"Their ___ Hour": Chuchill
New York's ___ (police)
Traditional adjective for N.Y.P.D.
Adjective for N.Y.C. police
"Their ___ Hour"
Of highest grade
Word for New York's police
Churchillian hour
The cream.
"Their ___ Hour."
Most noble.
Most skilled.
Most superior.
Of the best.
Most excellent.
Most discriminating.
Epithet for New York's police.
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