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Crossword Clues for FIRS

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Clue Source Date
Common evergreens Canadiana 29 Mar 2021
Two are named after Douglas and Fraser New York Times 28 Feb 2021
Many Christmas trees USA Today 25 Dec 2020
Evergreens Canadiana 23 Nov 2020
Conifers Canadiana 19 Oct 2020
Cone droppers Newsday 09 Oct 2020
Cone bearers USA Today 21 Aug 2020
Composition of some mountain forests New York Times 11 Aug 2020
Stands in the forest, perhaps LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Fragrant trees Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2020
Cone-dropping trees USA Today 26 Mar 2020
Sources of cones The Washington Post 13 Mar 2020
Evergreen trees Newsday 09 Mar 2020
Christmas trees, often USA Today 17 Oct 2019
Alpine evergreens Newsday 13 Oct 2019
Needle holders The New Yorker 09 Sep 2019
Cone-bearing trees USA Today 30 Aug 2019
Some cone bearers USA Today 16 Jul 2019
Some early January curbside pickups New York Times 28 Apr 2019
Trees in tree farms USA Today 04 Mar 2019
Balsams Universal 20 Dec 2018
Cut initial sources of needles The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2018
Christmas lot selection The Washington Post 05 Aug 2018
Christmastime purchases New York Times 19 Jul 2018
Some December tinsel holders The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Mar 2018
Christmas trees New York Times 11 Dec 2017
Holiday trees The Washington Post 20 Nov 2017
You may visit a lot of them before Christmas New York Times 10 Mar 2017
They may be decorated for the holidays New York Times 19 Feb 2017
January detritus New York Times 14 Aug 2016
Some pre-Christmas buys USA Today 06 Jul 2016
Mountain growths Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2016
Pre-Christmas purchases, for many Universal 16 Oct 2015
Yule trees Thomas Joseph 02 Jul 2015
Maine forest sights LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2015
Needle bearers Newsday 23 Jan 2015
Trees with needles
Spruce cousins
Some evergreens
Douglas and others
Pine family members
Balsam and Douglas
Certain evergreens
Maine forest mainstay
Some cone producers
Some Christmas trees
Resin yielders
Yuletide evergreens
Traditional Christmas purchases
Some are noble
Douglas and Fraser
Cone manufacturers
Fraser and Douglas trees
Fragrant evergreens
Christmas setups
Cone holders
Christmas trees, frequently
A lot of a Maine forest
Plywood sources
Alpine sights
Tree line trees
Coniferous trees
Holiday ball holders
Needle-bearing trees
Some pre-Christmas purchases
Cone makers
Mountain pines
They have cones
Christmas buys
Christmas holiday purchases
Some December deliveries
Holiday buys
Upland evergreens
Cone sources
Spruce relatives
Christmas favorites
Christmas trees, e.g.
They're slaughtered en masse just before Christmas
Some pines
Trees near a tree line
Mountain covering
Holiday purchases
Trees sacred to Pan
Sylvan sights
Douglas and Oregon
Tamarack's kin
Spruces' kin
Pulp sources
Douglas et al.
Green Mountain sights.
Part of the shrubbery.
Golden ___, California trees.
Pyramidal trees.
Trees of the north woods.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.