Crossword Clues for FIRSTCLASS

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Clue Source Date
*Expensive travel option LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2022
Superior Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2021
Excellent form for one starting school? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2020
*Expensive flying option LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2020
*Expensive flying option The Washington Post 11 Feb 2020
Top-notch Newsday 07 Apr 2019
Kindergarten, for many Newsday 20 Dec 2018
Very early lesson for those starting school of the best quality The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2017
Where tots learn to be very good? The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2017
Excellent start for education The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2017
Special coach for top students? The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2017
Best way to go? A1 The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2015
Highest-quality Newsday 20 Apr 2015
Flier's upgrade
Expensive airplane section
United offering
Alternative to coach
Second to none
The teacher is __
The teacher is __
Preferential plane seating
Earliest study period?
Absolutely fabulous
Pricey plane section
One way to travel
New teacher's worry?
Entitled to preferred treatment
Top of the line
Fantabulous, as a hotel
Alternative to coach
Plane section
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.