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Word "FLAT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a deflated pneumatic tire
flat tire

Part of Speech:
freight car without permanent sides or roof
flatbed, flatcar

Part of Speech:
a suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house

Crossword Clues for FLAT

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Clue Source Date
Accommodation concealed by rising coastal fog Irish Times Crosaire 19 Feb 2021
Out of tune ... or bubbles New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Unchanged, as on an earnings report New York Times 11 Dec 2020
Smooth pad The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2020
Neither sharp nor on key Universal 27 Nov 2020
Apartment The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2020
Horizontally level USA Today 10 Nov 2020
No longer fizzy Newsday 20 Oct 2020
Horizontal The Telegraph Quick 16 Oct 2020
Like old soda USA Today 10 Oct 2020
Hardly hilly Universal 09 Sep 2020
Without air, as a tire Newsday 31 Aug 2020
Tire in need of air Family Time 10 Aug 2020
Not fizzy anymore USA Today 29 Jun 2020
Opposite of sharp, in music USA Today 21 Jun 2020
Uplifting part of the hospital faculty where the nurses might be sharing Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jun 2020
Lacking ups and downs The New Yorker 08 Jun 2020
Boring student covered in lard The Sun Two Speed 02 Jun 2020
Shoe that may have no heel Universal 23 Apr 2020
Like soda lacking in fizz The Washington Post Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Fizzless Wall Street Journal 04 Apr 2020
Level Eugene Sheffer 31 Mar 2020
Not sloping The Times Concise 21 Nov 2019
Deflated tire Newsday 06 Nov 2019
Level; dull The Telegraph Quick 17 Oct 2019
Outright New York Times 04 Oct 2019
Apartment, across the pond Universal 28 Aug 2019
Unexciting place to live The Telegraph Toughie 13 Aug 2019
Sharp's counterpart, in music New York Times 12 Aug 2019
Reviews part of the hospital faculty where the nurses might be sharing Irish Times Crosaire 10 Aug 2019
Kind of 28-Down or 57-Down Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2019
Dull and lifeless Wall Street Journal 11 Apr 2019
How a bad joke may fall Universal 19 Feb 2019
Down a half step, say New York Times 19 Feb 2019
Ballet slipper, e.g The New Yorker 31 Dec 2018
It's even covered up by hyperinflation Irish Times Crosaire 01 Dec 2018
London rental The Washington Post 13 Nov 2018
Part of the theatrical scenery in residence The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2018
Tire with no air Newsday 09 Jul 2018
Needing inflation Universal 14 Jun 2018
Airless tire Newsday 04 Jun 2018
Tuned too low USA Today 22 Feb 2018
Boring apartment The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2018
Like day-old seltzer The Washington Post 15 Dec 2017
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 25-Down USA Today 13 Dec 2017
Un-fizzy The Washington Post 11 Oct 2017
Musical symbol resembling a lowercase b USA Today 07 Oct 2017
One might force you to retire Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2017
Like fizzless soda Universal 07 Aug 2017
Half a century in Rome inhabiting big residence The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2017
Portly figure's corseted and dull The Telegraph Toughie 02 May 2017
London apartment The Washington Post 17 Apr 2017
Low-key dwelling? The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Mar 2017
Residence with no outstanding features The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2017
*See 61-Across Wall Street Journal 28 Feb 2017
Even The Telegraph Quick 21 Feb 2017
Off-key, in a way USA Today 19 Feb 2017
Like a pancake Family Time 12 Feb 2017
Like Kansas, topologically USA Today 25 Jan 2017
Like a useless tire Family Time 23 Jan 2017
Needing reinflation USA Today 09 Jan 2017
Dead-tired? New York Times 03 Jan 2017
Problem on the turnpike The Washington Post 30 Dec 2016
Learner in oversized uniform The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2016
Note a piece of stage scenery The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Sep 2016
Unexciting The Washington Post 16 Aug 2016
Under the intended pitch LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2016
Like useless tires Universal 04 Aug 2016
Tire trouble The Washington Post 15 Jul 2016
Motorist's headache Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2016
Boring paper covering the home of the stars Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jul 2016
Penzance pad LA Times Daily 03 Jul 2016
Word before broke or busted The Washington Post 04 Jun 2016
Dull set of rooms in a building The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2016
Note such a battery is unserviceable The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2016
Like much desert LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2016
Tire problem Universal 09 Feb 2016
Topographic description of Kansas The Washington Post 01 Feb 2016
Out of air, as a tire Newsday 29 Dec 2015
Musically off LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Apartment; even The Times Concise 14 Dec 2015
Fixed, as a rate Universal 23 Nov 2015
Uninspired LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2015
Sharp's musical counterpart Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2015
Sharp's counterpart Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2015
Blubber about student accommodation The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2015
Unshiny New York Times 17 May 2015
Like some fees and feet New York Times 30 Apr 2015
Featureless accommodation The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Apr 2015
No longer bubbly Newsday 29 Mar 2015
One way to fall
Like stale soda water
Cause for a jack
Missing some sparkle
Musical symbol
Like the world, to the ancients
Bad condition for a tire
Apartment, in London
With 24-Down, blowout result
Slightly under pitch
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