Crossword Clues for FLEAS

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Clue Source Date
Bane of dogs Canadiana 19 Sep 2022
Pets' problems, perhaps Universal 12 Sep 2022
Pound pests Wall Street Journal 16 Aug 2022
'Performers' in a tiny circus New York Times 19 Jul 2022
Pests deterred by some collars USA Today 02 Oct 2021
What some collars keep off Newsday 31 Jul 2021
They might dog a dog New York Times 20 Jun 2021
Bugs that feed on dogs USA Today 17 May 2021
Boxer botherers Wall Street Journal 24 Mar 2021
K9 Advantix II targets The Washington Post 11 Jan 2021
K9 Advantix II targets LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2021
Pet peeves? New York Times 07 Dec 2020
Lab coat problems Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2020
Hound dog hounders New York Times 26 Nov 2020
Small circus runners The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Kennel pests USA Today 17 Jul 2020
Greyhound problems The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jun 2020
Causes of scratching LA Times Daily 06 May 2020
Causes of scratching The Washington Post 06 May 2020
Pound pests Wall Street Journal 28 Apr 2020
Pet pests Universal 28 Mar 2020
Pet peeves? LA Times Daily 10 Feb 2020
Pet peeves? The Washington Post 10 Feb 2020
Lab annoyances The Washington Post 20 Jul 2019
Lab annoyances LA Times Daily 20 Jul 2019
Lab annoyances
Collar targets Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2018
Pests at kennels USA Today 09 Jan 2018
Pests at kennels
Collar targets
Boxer's concern, maybe New York Times 21 Sep 2017
Victims of some pet collars USA Today 21 Aug 2017
Pet pests Newsday 30 Apr 2017
Canine woes Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2017
Beagle bane Newsday 19 Jan 2017
Boxer's concern, maybe
Victims of some pet collars
Beagle's pests Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2016
Doghouse bane The Washington Post 31 Jul 2016
Jumping bugs Newsday 01 May 2016
'My Dog Has ___' Jonesin 02 Feb 2016
Beagle's banes USA Today 06 Aug 2015
What some collars ward off Newsday 12 Jul 2015
Beagle biters Newsday 04 Jan 2015
Beagle biters
"Birds do it, bees do it, even educated ___ do it"
What some collars ward off
Beagle's banes
Boxer's bane
Fido tormentors
Little itch causers
Leapers at kennels
Tiny jumpers
Dog pests
Pet parasites
Bugs with bounce
Doghouse infestation
Target of some collars
Beagle's bane
NOFX song about a dog?
"My Dog Has ___"
Circus performers
Peeves for pets
Canine problems
Canine problems
They dog dogs
Tiny circus denizens
Pet collar targets
Canine woes
Canine woes
Tiny pests
Pet parasites
Circus performers
Pet parasites
A pet collar repels them
Circus performers
Pet parasites
Pet pests
High jumpers
Boxer's bane
Dog bane
High jumpers
Pug's irritants
Coat hangers-on
Some circus performers
Some circus performers
Canine woe
Little leapers
Tenants that come with pets?
Parasitic insects
Little leapers
Pug's problem
Circus performers
Reason to put on a collar
Ukulele-tuning word
Collar victims
Dog bane
Pests on pets
Dog riders
Pet's pests
Canine pests
They go to the dogs
Pomeranian's pests
Doggy denizens
Canine pests
Tiny biters
"My dog has ___"
"My Dog Has ___"
Canine's bane
Tiny jumpers
Target of some collars
Boxer's bane
Pet pesterers
Dog biters
Tiny circus performers
Circus performers?
Causes of some scratches
Collar victims
Back biters
Siphonaptera members
Dog's bane
Canine scourges
Fido's tormentors
Dog bane
Problem for cats
Followers of the dogs
Animal pests
Circus performers
Jumping insects
Leaping insects.
Circus performers.
Tiny circus performers.
Pestiferous insects.
Perennial circus performers.
Pointer's bane
Lab critters?
Woe for some boxers
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