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Word "FLOAT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy
air bladder, swim bladder

Part of Speech:
be in motion due to some air or water current
be adrift, blow, drift

Part of Speech:
a hand tool with a flat face used for smoothing and finishing the surface of plaster or cement or stucco
plasterer's float

Crossword Clues for FLOAT

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Clue Source Date
Parade staple The Washington Post 08 Apr 2021
Parade vehicle Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2021
Experience levitation The Washington Post Sunday 07 Mar 2021
Vehicle in a parade Newsday 07 Sep 2020
Root-beer-and-ice-cream treat USA Today 15 Jul 2020
Parade vehicle that people stand on Newsday 16 Jun 2020
Not sink USA Today 13 Jun 2020
Lie on top of a pool Newsday 08 Jun 2020
Decorated parade vehicle New York Times 01 Jun 2020
Parade attraction Universal 19 May 2020
Parade entry New York Times 19 May 2020
Parade creation USA Today 11 Apr 2020
Drink you could aptly enjoy at a parade The Washington Post Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Sort of gaff comprises ordinary item used by fisherman The Telegraph Toughie 30 Oct 2019
Amount of money set aside, don't go under! The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2019
Part of a parade New York Times 18 Sep 2019
Shake alternative Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2019
Rose Parade sight USA Today 03 Aug 2019
Drink with a straw New York Times 12 Oct 2018
One that gets a scoop Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2018
Stay up, love, in the apartment The Sun Two Speed 11 Feb 2018
Carnival vehicle The Sun Two Speed 11 Feb 2018
Entry in the Rose Parade New York Times 03 Oct 2016
Parade sight LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2016
Be buoyant Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2016
Angler's device Newsday 01 Apr 2016
Carnival display The Telegraph Quick 02 Oct 2015
It may carry milk round in penthouse, for example The Times Cryptic 07 Sep 2015
Play in water, perhaps Newsday 03 Apr 2015
Show buoyancy Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2015
Parade component
Rose Parade vehicle
Bob up and down, say
Ice cream concoction
Summer treat made with root beer
Homecoming vehicle
Modest Mouse "___ On"
"And we'll all ___ on okay" Modest Mouse
What one might see in a 20-, 32-, 43- or 56-Across
Rose Parade entry
Parade part
A&W offering
Root beer and ice cream treat
Macy's Parade component
Mardi Gras sight
Ice cream shop drink
Soda jerk's creation
Soda fountain treat
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade display
Homecoming project, perhaps
Malt-shop order
Tool for smoothing wet concrete
Ice cream drink
Parade presentation
Root beer concoction
Site of thousands of flowers, perhaps
Soda-fountain order
Seaplane part
Moving holiday display?
Parade spectacle
Homecoming project
Dairy treat
Angler's need
Ice-cream drink
Stay up
Drift along
Swimmers' raft
Ice cream creation
Middle of the quote
Fountain drink
Arrange for, as a loan
Site of thousands of flowers
Root beer treat
Root beer/ice cream combo
Interest from money-order money
Negotiate, as a loan
Parade feature
Hydroplane part
Parade participant
Mardi Gras feature
Swimmers' platform
Part of some parades
Life preserver
Tournament of Roses entry
Fountain order
Arrange a loan
Ice-cream treat
Fishing bob
Parade feature.
Parade entry.
Parade vehicle.
Parade item.
Fountain order.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.