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Word "FOP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
beau, clotheshorse, dandy, dude, fashion plate, gallant, sheik, swell

Crossword Clues for FOP

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Clue Source Date
Dandy LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2021
Fashion plate LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2021
Dandy guy Eugene Sheffer 09 Feb 2021
Clotheshorse LA Times Daily 22 Jan 2021
Smart dresser Universal 07 Dec 2020
Fancy dresser LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2020
Coxcomb The Times Concise 18 Oct 2020
One vain about his looks New York Times 13 Sep 2020
Beau Brummell somewhat self-opinionated? The Sun Two Speed 03 Jul 2020
Dandyish dresser Jonesin 09 Jun 2020
Natty dresser Family Time 08 Jun 2020
Goal-scoring opportunities in soccer ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme New York Times 30 Apr 2020
Dandy-dressing dude Newsday 24 Apr 2020
Dandy sort Jonesin 28 May 2019
Dude Canadiana 11 Feb 2019
One dressed to impress New York Times 30 Jan 2019
Dandy dresser Family Time 17 Dec 2018
Ornate dresser The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Dec 2018
Fancy Dan of a dresser Newsday 15 Nov 2018
Smart, sharp dresser Universal 05 Nov 2018
Preening type Newsday 06 Oct 2018
The New Yorker 'mascot' Eustace Tilley, for one The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Jul 2018
Smart-dressing dude Universal 01 Jul 2018
Metrosexual The Washington Post 27 Apr 2018
Dandy dude Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2018
Popinjay The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Feb 2018
Snappy dresser Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2018
Fastidious dresser Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2018
The New Yorker "mascot" Eustace Tilley, for one
Dandy fellow Premier Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Well-dressed fellow Family Time 24 Dec 2017
Vain dresser The Washington Post 08 Aug 2017
One dressing to be noticed The Washington Post 26 Jun 2017
Half open content from The Dandy Irish Times Crosaire 01 Apr 2017
Style-obsessed guy The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
Dandified dude Jonesin 03 Jan 2017
Over-dressy man Family Time 24 Oct 2016
Many a metrosexual New York Times 08 Sep 2016
Dandy, coxcomb Irish Times Simplex 30 Jul 2016
Dandyish dude Jonesin 21 Jun 2016
Beau Brummell USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Sharp dresser New York Times 16 Mar 2016
Dandy of a dude Universal 15 Jan 2016
Affected dandy Universal 26 Sep 2015
Fashion-conscious fellow Newsday 09 Jan 2015
Dandily dressed dude
Metrosexual sort
Dandy type
Top-drawer dresser
Self-obsessed sort
Ascot wearer
One overly concerned with his appearance
Stylish sort
Peacockery displayer
Many an ascot wearer
Metrosexual, perhaps
Beau Brummell, e.g.
Vain fellow
Fashion-obsessed gent
Fancy Dan
Fellow like a dandy
Fashionable dude
Vain sort
Stylish dresser
Vain man
Vain one
Vain male
A dandy
89 + 41
Vainglorious one
Man after a fashion
A dandy.
Male clothes horse.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.