Word "FORM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the visual appearance of something or someone
cast, shape

Part of Speech:
a perceptual structure
pattern, shape
the composition presents problems for students of musical form

Part of Speech:
the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something
descriptor, signifier, word form
the inflected forms of a word can be represented by a stem and a list of inflections to be attached

Crossword Clues for FORM

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Clue Source Date
Make for the seat (4)
Create a questionnaire (4)
A class that gets sat upon! (4)
Make for Maidenhead
Set up group of learners (4)
Some school children have schedule to fill in with details (4)
"Imitation is the highest ___ of flattery, but flattery will get you nowhere," example of 50a that encourages originality
Definite shape
Shape of an official document
Shape Mirror Quick 01 Mar 2024
Different from class Mirror Cryptic 01 Mar 2024
Something to sit on and fill out (4)
A bench (4)
Make, in class (4)
Shape Thomas Joseph 12 Feb 2024
Set up, establish (4)
Kind, type (4) Puzzler 02 Feb 2024
The nest in which a hare lives (4)
Body, shape Puzzler Backwords 31 Jan 2024
Group of pupils in favour of Master
Kind figure's behaviour
Get into shape for being married
Ever-growing business?
Kind figure's behaviour (4)
Shape or mould, such as that left in the grass by the body of a sleeping hare; or, a long seat or bench (4)
Back of room, one in school? The Times Cryptic 06 Dec 2023
How one's supposed to behave in class (4)
Thing to fill out Family Time 04 Dec 2023
Hare's den (4)
Paperwork piece Universal 05 Nov 2023
Bench in favour of mercy from the start The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2023
Group of pupils in favour of marks The Times Quick Cryptic 04 Oct 2023
The I.R.S.'s 1040, e.g. New York Times 18 Sep 2023
W-9, e.g USA Today 13 Sep 2023
Shape The Telegraph Quick 08 Sep 2023
Fashion Newsday 11 Aug 2023
Build towards motorway The Telegraph Toughie 18 Jul 2023
Is it the beginning or the end of feminism class? The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jul 2023
Structure Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2023
Shape; hare's nest The Times Concise 09 Jun 2023
Blob's lack LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2023
Document to fill out Newsday 10 May 2023
Assemble Newsday 29 Apr 2023
"In no way, shape or ___" (not at all)
Create document The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2023
Many an irs.gov download LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2023
Shape USA Today 18 Nov 2022
79-Across document LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2022
Document to fill out Newsday 17 Oct 2022
W-2, for one New York Times 07 Aug 2022
Bureaucratic document Universal 11 May 2022
Document to fill out Newsday 11 Apr 2022
Give shape to Universal 24 Feb 2022
Sheet to fill, at a clinic
Visible shape The Times Concise 02 Sep 2021
Criminal history that is gender-neutral
1040, e.g New York Times 17 Apr 2021
W-2, e.g USA Today 14 Apr 2021
Set up // the bed of a hare
Bit of paperwork USA Today 16 Feb 2021
Assembly dismissing University document
Playing well in this class
Make the bench The Telegraph Toughie 21 Oct 2020
Weightlifter's concern USA Today 16 Oct 2020
Model's criminal record
Shape The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2020
Class and style The Sun Two Speed 14 Sep 2020
Structure Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2020
Fashion etiquette The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Sep 2020
Class put together The Sun Two Speed 29 Aug 2020
Sheet to fill out Newsday 23 Jun 2020
Figure at a cost of millions
Supporting entry of Minister in ceremony
Horse's previous record in class
Shape The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2019
Figure tries to get out of Firestorm Irish Times Crosaire 28 Oct 2019
Class structure The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2019
Something filled with ink Newsday 12 Oct 2019
Figure tries to get away from firestorm Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2019
irs.gov download USA Today 06 May 2019
Class make simplistic gender choice
It's filled in . . . or out USA Today 05 Apr 2019
irs.gov download
It's filled in . . . or out
Document to be filled out
Fitness is beneficial to millions
Thing to fill out Universal 27 Sep 2018
Bench gives criminal record The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2018
Shape Eugene Sheffer 09 Aug 2018
Marshal Newsday 04 Aug 2018
Paper to fill out USA Today 02 Jul 2018
Create possibilities for sex?
Supporting one particular gender and class The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jan 2018
Make an appearance The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jan 2018
Thing to fill out
Paper to fill out
Order to be delivered to Head of MI6 The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2017
Class with prior convictions
Bit of paperwork that one needs to fill
Class information?
Printable page at irs.gov USA Today 31 Jul 2017
Criminal record document
Figure tries to get away from Firestorm Irish Times Crosaire 20 Apr 2017
Class The Telegraph Quick 21 Mar 2017
Panel dismissing university's document
Arrange shape
Shape The Times Concise 17 Jan 2017
Printable page at irs.gov
Athlete's fitness, perhaps, for mile
Fashion cuts to suit the compiler
Class; shape The Times Concise 03 Jun 2016
Body found in reformist church Irish Times Crosaire 30 May 2016
Kind, like those supporting Bond's boss
Mould a group of children The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2016
School class The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2016
Assemble Newsday 26 Dec 2015
Diving judge's concern LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Make something to sit on
Application to fill out New York Times 05 Nov 2015
Thing to fill out LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2015
Dressmaker's dummy USA Today 12 Sep 2015
In no way, shape, or __ Newsday 04 Aug 2015
1040A, e.g New York Times 13 Apr 2015
School class's criminal record The Times Cryptic 09 Feb 2015
Shape; class The Telegraph Quick 28 Jan 2015
Type of beef or mutton
Make a record. The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jan 2015
Diving judge's concern
Thing to fill out
Dressmaker's dummy
1040A, e.g.
In no way, shape, or __
Application to fill out
Waiting room distribution
Bit of paperwork
Something to put your name on
Manson "Mutilation is the Most Sincere ___ of Flattery"
Artistic structure
Artistic structure
1040, for example
1040, for example
Put together
Develop, as an opinion
Develop, as an opinion
Take shape
Schedule A, for one
Bureaucratic requirement
1040 or 1040EZ
Application blank, for one
Mold into shape
1040 or 1040EZ
IRS publication
Blob's lack
Blob's lack
". . . in no way, shape or ___"
Give shape to
It may trump function
W-2, e.g.
Something to fill out
Piece of paper to fill out
Document to fill out
W-2, e.g.
Document with blanks
"___ ever follows function": Louis Henry Sullivan
Diver's asset
1040, for example
Gymnast's concern
1040EZ, e.g.
"... in no way, shape or __"
1040, e.g.
irs.gov download
Something to fill out
1040EZ, for one
Diving judge's concern
Dressmaker's dummy
"... in no way, shape or __"
Last, e.g.
Function follower?
Tax schedule
It requires filling
Tax schedule
Dressmaker's dummy
Make up
Application paper
Take shape
1040, for one
It may trump function
Fill-in page
Something to fill out
1040, for one
A question of gender and class
Take 4, clue 3
IRS 1040, e.g.
Gymnast's concern
Kind of letter
1040, e.g.
Mold into shape
Kind of letter
1040-EZ, e.g.
1040 or W-2
1040, for one
Word with tax or free
Questionnaire, e.g.
Horse player's consideration
"___ ever follows function": L. H. Sullivan
Race-track bettor's consideration
Past performance of a race horse
Figure-skater's concern
Way of doing something.
___ letter.
Manner of doing something.
Application blank.
1040, for instance.
Athlete's style.
Mode of conduct.
___ letter
1040, for one
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