Crossword Clues for FORTS

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Clue Source Date
Garrisons’ stations Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2022
Knox and others Universal 28 Jun 2022
Army outposts Newsday 13 Jun 2022
Castles, essentially New York Times 05 Jun 2022
Snowball fight hideouts Universal 20 Apr 2022
They might be "held down" Universal 11 Apr 2022
Military posts Universal 22 Nov 2021
Cavalry stations Thomas Joseph 17 Nov 2021
Garrisons Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2021
Kids' building constructions Family Time 15 Aug 2021
Garrisons Eugene Sheffer 21 Apr 2021
Cavalry posts Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2020
Kids' snow buildings Family Time 30 Aug 2020
Dix and Knox Universal 04 Jul 2019
Cavalry outposts USA Today 28 Jun 2019
Structures for troops The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Cavalry outposts
Dix and Knox
Private postings Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2018
Military outposts Newsday 30 Jul 2018
Army outposts Universal 07 Jul 2018
Military installations Newsday 17 Jun 2018
Private postings
Army outposts
Cavalry stations Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2017
Defensive structures The Washington Post 06 Aug 2017
Defensive structures LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2017
Cavalry stations Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2017
Private places Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2017
Defensive structures
McHenry and Dix Universal 02 Aug 2016
Knox and Dix New York Times 26 Jul 2016
Garrisons' places Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2016
McHenry and Dix
Garrisons' places
Knox and Dix
Old West outposts Universal 10 Sep 2015
Structures built on snow days
Old West outposts
Line of defense?
Old West outposts
McHenry and Knox
Private postings?
Dressing rooms?
Military outposts
Bliss in Texas et al.
Bliss in Texas et al.
Kids' snow creations
Army outposts
Kids' snow creations
Western settings
Snow structures
Old West outposts
Knox and Dix
Military installations
Magazine holders
Army posts
Some military targets
Oater outposts
McHenry and Sumter
Army bases
Little kids build them
Some are made from snow
Old West strongholds
Old West strongholds
Knox and McHenry
Western settings
Laramie and Sumter
Bragg and Bliss
Children may build them
Army posts
Bragg and Dix
Army posts
Benning, Bragg and Bliss
Sumter and McHenry
Dix and Ord
Jackson and Jefferson, e.g.
Oater strongholds
Knox and Lee
Dix and Sumter, e.g.
Dix and Lee
Knox and Ord
Dix and Knox
Sill and Ord, e.g.
Lewis and Dix
Ord and Knox
Defense positions
Dodge and Dearborn.
Knox and others.
Jefferson and Lee.
Army posts.
Knox and Dix.
Knox and Sumter.
Big warplanes.
Flying behemoths of World War II.
Ord, Knox, etc.
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