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Crossword Clues for FRETS

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Clue Source Date
Is worried USA Today 22 Apr 2021
Stews New York Times 14 Apr 2021
Bars on necks LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2021
Guitar neck features Universal 25 Dec 2020
Guitar neck ridges Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2020
Guitar neck dividers Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2020
Worries USA Today 06 Oct 2020
Stews (over) Universal 15 Aug 2020
Acts worried Universal 13 Jul 2020
Fingerboard features The New Yorker 17 Feb 2020
Feels distressed USA Today 13 Nov 2019
Guitar features Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2019
Worries on guitar? Universal 05 Jul 2018
Displays vexation USA Today 10 Nov 2017
Banjo neck features USA Today 25 Aug 2017
Acts the worrywart USA Today 16 Aug 2017
Parts of a guitar neck Universal 28 Jun 2017
Agonizes (over) New York Times 17 Jan 2017
Fingerboard dividers Wall Street Journal 26 Oct 2016
Ridges on the neck LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2016
Guitar bars New York Times 17 Apr 2016
Banjo ridges Jonesin 29 Mar 2016
19 things on a classical guitar New York Times 17 Jan 2016
Worries (about) Newsday 31 Aug 2015
Neck lines? New York Times 12 Jul 2015
Bars of music? New York Times 19 Apr 2015
Guitar sequence Newsday 10 Jan 2015
Raised parts on the guitar neck
Feels discontent
Worries nervously
Fingerboard ridges
They're seen on the neck
Wrings one's hands, say
They're lined up on a neck
Neck ridges
Acts nervous
Guides under the strings
They're found around a neck
Guitar-neck features
Neck lines
Guitar ridges
Guitar fingerboard ridges
Lute parts
Is in a dither
Guitar-neck bars
Is agitated
Is vexed
Stews about
Feels anxious
Borrows trouble
Guitar's fingerboard ridges
Neck segments
Guitar stops
Finger guides on a ukulele
Mandolin parts
Guitar parts
Gets vexed
Guitar parts.
Ornamental networks.
Guitar ridges.
Is nervous.
Finger board ridges.
Mandolin parts.
Fingerboard ridges on a guitar.
Ridges on the fingerboard of a guitar.
Ridges across the fingerboard of a guitar.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.