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Crossword Clues for FRODO

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Clue Source Date
Hobbit related to Bilbo Universal 03 Jan 2021
Bilbo's cousin Universal 02 Dec 2020
He inherits the One Ring from Bilbo Universal 11 Nov 2020
Son of Drogo Baggins USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Hobbit on a quest LA Times Daily 07 Jul 2020
Tolkien hero Newsday 26 Mar 2020
Tolkien protagonist Universal 27 Aug 2019
-- Baggins, a hobbit in J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings' The Telegraph General Knowledge 08 Jul 2019
Ring master? The Washington Post Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Tolkien ringbearer The Washington Post 31 Jan 2019
'The Lord of the Rings' hero USA Today 04 Nov 2018
He carried the One Ring to Mount Doom Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2018
Tolkien's ring-bearer USA Today 09 Feb 2018
"The Lord of the Rings" hero
Ring-bearer in "The Lord of the Rings" USA Today 08 Oct 2017
Hobbit played by Elijah Wood New York Times 24 Jul 2017
Whom Samwise accompanied to Rivendell The Washington Post 09 Jul 2017
Nine-fingered hobbit New York Times 23 Dec 2015
'The Lord of the Rings' ring bearer New York Times 22 Sep 2015
''Lord of the Rings'' hero Newsday 04 May 2015
Tolkien character USA Today 14 Feb 2015
Inheritor of the One Ring The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Feb 2015
"The Lord of the Rings" ring bearer
"Lord of the Rings" hero
Shoeless ring bearer of fiction
Ring bearer?
Bilbo's heir
Bilbo Baggins's nephew
Hobbit hero
Ring bearer
Protagonist bound for Mordor
Bilbo's Hobbit cousin
Ring bearer of literature?
Tolkien's Baggins
Fictional hero on a quest to Mount Doom
Fictional ringbearer
Heroic hobbit
Shoeless hero of fiction
Mount Doom visitor
Tolkien ring-bearer
"The Lord of the Rings" ringbearer
Ringbearer of film and fiction
Elijah Wood role
Tolkien ring bearer
Fictional ring bearer
Bilbo's nephew, in "The Lord of the Rings"
Literary ringbearer
Elijah's "Lord of the Rings" role
Character in "The Two Towers"
Tolkien's ringbearer
Middle Earth resident
"The Hobbit" hobbit
"The Lord of the Rings" character
Ringbearer in "The Lord of the Rings"
___ Baggins, a Tolkien hobbit
Ringmaster of fantasy
"Precious" owner
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.