Word "FROG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a person of French descent

Part of Speech:
any of various tailless stout-bodied amphibians with long hind limbs for leaping; semiaquatic and terrestrial species
anuran, batrachian, salientian, toad, toad frog

Part of Speech:
a decorative loop of braid or cord

Crossword Clues for FROG

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Clue Source Date
Toad's kin Eugene Sheffer 23 Aug 2022
Former tadpole Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2022
Enchanted prince, perhaps Universal 23 Jul 2022
Kermit, e.g Universal 17 Jun 2022
Lily pad critter USA Today 15 May 2022
Tailless amphibian Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2022
Pond croaker Newsday 18 Apr 2022
Puddle-jumper? New York Times 22 Mar 2022
Prince under a spell, perhaps Universal 12 Mar 2022
Toad's cousin Newsday 07 Feb 2022
Pond hopper USA Today 30 Jan 2022
Toad's cousin Newsday 24 Jan 2022
Mist hides head of rare animal The Times Cryptic 08 Dec 2021
Creature that goes “ribbit!” New York Times 22 Nov 2021
Kermit, for one Eugene Sheffer 28 Oct 2021
Former tadpole Newsday 21 Sep 2021
Amphibian The Times Concise 20 Aug 2021
Potential prince Thomas Joseph 18 Aug 2021
Kermit, famously Universal 05 Aug 2021
Potential Prince in haze about Queen The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2021
Animal symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt New York Times 17 Jun 2021
Lily pad visitor The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jun 2021
Creature in an army The Washington Post Sunday 02 May 2021
Lily pad squatter LA Times Daily 21 Apr 2021
Lily pad squatter The Washington Post 21 Apr 2021
Swamp dweller The Washington Post Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Lily pad traveler Eugene Sheffer 12 Apr 2021
Kermit is one Family Time 05 Apr 2021
Coldblooded creature The Washington Post Sunday 07 Mar 2021
Animal with a sticky tongue Universal 01 Mar 2021
Kissed creature for the Brothers Grimm The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jan 2021
Toad's kin Eugene Sheffer 31 Dec 2020
Marsh hopper Thomas Joseph 21 Sep 2020
Confusion about river creature dwelling by water The Telegraph Toughie 06 Aug 2020
Kermit, for one Eugene Sheffer 30 Jul 2020
Tailless amphibian Irish Times Simplex 10 Jul 2020
Who (or what) Princess Tiana kissed Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2020
Amphibian The Telegraph Quick 26 Jun 2020
Minor throat problem New York Times 21 Apr 2020
Former tadpole USA Today 16 Mar 2020
Croaking creature Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Source of a ribbiting performance Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2020
Fairy tale prince, perhaps
Toad cousin Newsday 06 Jan 2020
Pond jumper Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
Pond croaker USA Today 16 Nov 2019
Croaking amphibian The Times Concise 11 Nov 2019
Throat problem New York Times 03 Nov 2019
Throat problem
Kermit, e.g Family Time 14 Oct 2019
Pond denizen USA Today 22 Aug 2019
Fairy tale alter ego New York Times 11 Aug 2019
A decorative loop Canadiana 05 Aug 2019
Kermit, for one LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2019
Kermit, for one The Washington Post 22 Jul 2019
Pond critter The Washington Post 02 Jul 2019
Pond critter LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2019
Pond croaker Newsday 02 Apr 2019
Cursed royal, possibly Newsday 12 Jan 2019
Pond denizen
Pond critter
Kermit, for one
Fairy tale alter ego
Throat annoyance Newsday 13 Dec 2018
Road in Bow repaired for good The Telegraph Toughie 14 Nov 2018
Amphibian The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2018
Small jumper designed for golf The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2018
Kissable fairy-tale critter LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2018
Throat trouble The Washington Post 11 Jul 2018
Throat trouble LA Times Daily 11 Jul 2018
Kissable fairy-tale critter The Washington Post 11 Jul 2018
Sounds like Croker can be heard over The Pond Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jul 2018
Future-prince creature Universal 07 Jun 2018
Little jumper knitted for girl initially The Sun Two Speed 06 Jun 2018
Pond dweller Newsday 20 May 2018
Toad's cousin Newsday 15 May 2018
Hopper The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
Talking animal in some fairy tales New York Times 09 May 2018
An amphibian of the Anura order The Times Specialist Sunday 06 May 2018
Lily pad occupant USA Today 26 Mar 2018
Hopping amphibian Universal 14 Mar 2018
Throat trouble
Talking animal in some fairy tales
Kissable fairy-tale critter
Future-prince creature
Toad relative Newsday 01 Aug 2017
Kermit, notably Universal 22 Jul 2017
Hoppy critter Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2017
Twain's Calaveras County jumper USA Today 04 Jun 2017
Twain title character Newsday 27 May 2017
Creature on a lily pad USA Today 22 May 2017
Lily pad sitter Thomas Joseph 03 May 2017
Peeper, for example Wall Street Journal 02 May 2017
Back and front of green, green jumper The Telegraph Toughie 07 Mar 2017
Twain's Calaveras County jumper
Kermit, notably
Creature on a lily pad
Kissable fairy tale figure LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2016
Throat trouble? LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2016
Green jumper Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2016
Throat obstruction The Washington Post 11 Jul 2016
Former prince? Universal 24 Jun 2016
Cleft-tongued critter LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2016
Kermit, for one Family Time 13 Jun 2016
One that may be transformed by a kiss? LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2016
Green hopper Newsday 22 May 2016
Common amphibian The Times Concise 04 Apr 2016
Enchanted prince, perhaps The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 Mar 2016
''Ribbit!'' croaker Newsday 15 Mar 2016
Twain's Dan'l Webster, e.g Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2016
34 Down title jumper Newsday 18 Feb 2016
Former prince?
Cleft-tongued critter
Enchanted prince, perhaps
Throat trouble?
Kissable fairy tale figure
Lily pad squatter
One that may be transformed by a kiss?
Adult tadpole The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2015
Thick mist surrounds river creature The Sun Two Speed 30 Nov 2015
Tailless amphibian The Times Concise 28 Sep 2015
It may croak USA Today 31 Aug 2015
Throat bug Newsday 17 Jul 2015
Kermit, for one Newsday 07 Jul 2015
Peeper, e.g Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2015
Amphibian (lodged in the throat?) The Guardian Quick 18 Apr 2015
Throat bug
Peeper, e.g.
Potential prince?
Kermit, for one
Peter Gabriel "Kiss That ___"
It may croak
"___ and Toad are Friends" (children's book by Arnold Lobel)
Hoarseness cause
Potential prince, in a fairy tale
Pond croaker
Kermit or Michigan J., e.g.
Pond croaker
Creature that goes "ribbit"
Type of edible legs
"Rainbow Connection" amphibian
Past prince, perhaps
Prince of amphibians?
Tadpole's parent
Toad's kin
"The Celebrated Jumping ___ of Calaveras County"
Kermit, for one
Croakin' critter
Recipient of a princess's kiss
Wannabe prince, of fairy tales
Recipient of a princess's kiss
Previous prince, perhaps
Pond croaker
Tadpole's parent
Throat trouble
Island hopper?
Kermit, e.g.
Recipient of a princess's kiss
Enchanted prince
Wannabe prince of fairy tales
Croaking critter
Dan'l Webster, in a Twain story
__ legs
Parts of it may be revealed in biology class
Kermit, for one
Polliwog's parent, perhaps
Croaking critter
Dan'l Webster, in a Twain story
__ legs
Erstwhile prince, perhaps
Pond critter
Pond denizen
Pond-dwelling croaker
Michigan J. ___ (mascot of the WB)
Toad relative
Calaveras County jumper
Recipient of a princess's kiss
Symbol of the WB network
Biology class dissection
Toondom's Hoppity Hooper, for one
With 10-Across, what the legs do during the breaststroke
Tadpole, in time
Toondom's Hoppity Hooper, for one
Potential prince?
Past prince, perhaps
Slight hoarseness
Pond hopper
Some edible legs
Ornamental looped braid
Creature that goes "ribbit!"
Jumping contest entrant
Tailless amphibian
Throat intruder
Budweiser ad critter
Budweiser ad critter
Critter in a Mark Twain title
Calaveras County jumper of fiction
Potential prince
Possible prince?
Mark Twain's Dan'l was one
Kermit, e.g.
Pond croaker
Kermit is one
Decorative fastener
Throat annoyance
Prince before being kissed, in a fairy tale
Former tadpole
Wart causer
Fabled prince?
Fabled prince?
Calaveras County critter
Twain's jumper of Calaveras County
Symbol of the WB network
Jeremy Fisher, for one
Fairy tale prince, perhaps
Former prince?
Toad's cousin
Throat trouble
Twain's Calaveras County critter
Spring peeper
Kermit, for one
Wannabe prince, of fairy tales
Throat difficulty
Former tadpole
Enchanted prince, perhaps
Difficulty in the throat
Pond dweller
Throat trouble
Violin bow part
Lily pad lunger
Kermit e.g.
Kermit for one
Budweiser ad creature
96 Calaveras County competitor
WB Network mascot
Former polliwog
One of the Budweiser spokescritters
Bouquet holder
Throat ailment?
Throaty amphibian?
Pond creature
Throat trouble
Wannabe prince
Kind of kick
Tadpole, eventually
Throat problem?
Twain's jumper
Ornamental fastening
Potential prince?
Tailless amphibian
"Hop-___," Poe tale
Braided fastener
Poe's "Hop-___"
Possible prince
Fastening on a belt
Kermit of "The Muppets"
Kermit of the Muppets
Calaveras County celebrity
Disguised prince
Throat impediment
Coat fastener
Calaveras County jumper
Mature tadpole
Tadpole's parent
He "would a-wooing go"
Pond creature
Throat intruder
Device to hold flowers in vase.
Tidbit for King Stork.
Mowgli's epithet.
"The ___ he would a-wooing go . . . "
Ornamental braid loop.
Type of man.
Epithet for Mowgli.
Ornamental fastening on a coat.
Name for Mowgli.
What "Mowgli" means.
He "would awooing go."
___ in the throat.
He would a-wooing go.
Decorative coat fastener.
Summer music-maker.
Part of a horse's hoof.
A slight hoarseness in the throat.
Cloak button.
Hoarseness of the vocal cords.
Tadpole's parent.
Mark Twain's Calavaras County jumper.
Belt loop for a sword.
Prince, under a spell
Throat trouble?
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