Word "FROWN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a facial expression of dislike or displeasure

Part of Speech:
look angry or sullen, wrinkle one's forehead, as if to signal disapproval
glower, lour, lower

Crossword Clues for FROWN

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Clue Source Date
Initially feels resentment over woman’s nasty show of dislike The Times Cryptic 28 Jul 2022
Angry look The Times Concise 14 Jul 2022
Father now struggling to make headlines? The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2022
Look cross The Guardian Quick 07 Dec 2021
Look down (on) Newsday 13 Aug 2021
Upside-down smile Universal 12 Jun 2021
Look cranky Newsday 21 May 2021
Displeased look Newsday 07 Mar 2021
Upside-down smile USA Today 03 Jan 2021
:-( New York Times 31 Dec 2020
What a left parenthesis suggests in an emoticon New York Times 23 Aug 2020
Priest to have gloomy expression The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2020
Open parenthesis, in some emoticons The Washington Post 29 May 2020
Open parenthesis, in some emoticons LA Times Daily 29 May 2020
Facial expression of displeasure Irish Times Simplex 10 Dec 2019
Glower The Telegraph Quick 17 Apr 2019
Unhappy look Eugene Sheffer 24 Jan 2018
Worried look The Telegraph Quick 05 Jan 2018
'Eh, I'm not buying it' look Jonesin 31 Jan 2017
Displeased expression Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2016
Loud noise before noon brings sign of disapproval The Telegraph Toughie 02 Aug 2016
Father to confess and make headlines The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2015
Sad look Eugene Sheffer 21 Apr 2015
Emoticon with a left parenthesis
Displeased look
Look unhappy
Displeased look
Look down (on)
Grim expression
Show disapproval, in a way
Disapproving look
Disapproving look
Look displeased
Sourpuss's expression
Knit one's brows
Turn a smile upside down
Look of disapproval
Dirty look
Displeased look
Show disapproval
Sign of displeasure
Peevish look
Disapproving look
Expression of displeasure
Look askance
Upside-down smile
Show disapproval
Show displeasure
Disapproving look
Expression of displeasure
Thoughtful look.
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