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Word "FUEL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
provide with fuel

Part of Speech:
a substance that can be consumed to produce energy
more fuel is needed during the winter months
they developed alternative fuels for aircraft

Part of Speech:
provide with a combustible substance that provides energy
fuel aircraft, ships, and cars

Crossword Clues for FUEL

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Clue Source Date
Uranium, for a nuclear reactor Universal 19 Oct 2020
Stimulate Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2020
Logs, for a fire New York Times 14 Sep 2020
Sustain New York Times 03 Jul 2020
Gasohol, e.g USA Today 21 Mar 2020
What a gas tank holds Newsday 09 Mar 2020
Auto fill The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Peat or propane Thomas Joseph 13 Nov 2019
Propane or petroleum Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Propellant, in part Newsday 06 Sep 2019
Energize Universal 25 Aug 2019
Gasoline, for cars Newsday 24 Jun 2019
Substance that can produce energy Irish Times Simplex 21 May 2019
Oil or kerosene New York Times 10 Apr 2019
Stimulate the characters in Corfu election Irish Times Crosaire 20 Feb 2019
Biodiesel, e.g Universal 06 Feb 2019
Biodiesel, e.g.
Fire maintainer Newsday 25 Nov 2018
Tank filler The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Tank fill Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2018
Any energy source Newsday 25 Jul 2018
Fill-up stuff Universal 09 Jul 2018
Impetus Newsday 31 May 2018
Gas, oil or coal New York Times 14 May 2018
Gasoline or propane Newsday 20 Mar 2018
Drive The Washington Post 10 Feb 2018
Fill-up filler New York Times 05 Nov 2017
Fire's need New York Times 28 Jul 2017
Pit stop intake USA Today 17 Jul 2017
Coal or gas, e.g Wall Street Journal 30 May 2017
It's pumped during pit stops The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
Word after nuclear or diesel Canadiana 16 Jan 2017
Propane or butane Newsday 01 Jan 2017
Stoke The Washington Post 08 Dec 2016
Stimulate involvement in Corfu election Irish Times Crosaire 15 Sep 2016
Sustenance source The Washington Post 06 Mar 2016
Peat or petrol Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2016
Fodder for the fire The Washington Post 12 Nov 2015
Eg, coal or oil The Times Concise 02 Jun 2015
Uranium or plutonium, for a nuclear reactor New York Times 11 May 2015
What an electric car doesn't need New York Times 09 Mar 2015
Precamping purchase New York Times 22 Feb 2015
Coal, e.g Premier Sunday 11 Jan 2015
Coal, e.g.
Natural gas, for one
Energy source
Oil or gas, e.g.
Fill with gas
Pit-stop stuff
Coke, for one
Pumped product
Gas, e.g.
Major expense for an airline
Combustion necessity
Big expense for truckers
Butane, for example
What a Tesla doesn't need
Natural gas, e.g.
Diesel, e.g.
Some add it to the fire
Add ___ to the fire
"Shimmer" rockers
Extreme sports cable channel
Fire intensifier
Briquettes, e.g.
Gas pump commodity
Energy source for engines
Tour bus' need
Gas or coal
Gasoline or peat
Gas or oil
Engine's must-have
It keeps the Tempo going?
"Add ___ to the fire"
Gas-tank contents
Stoker's supply
Fill the Ford
It keeps the Tempo going
Gasohol, e.g.
Tanker cargo
Rocket requirement
It may be pumped
Coke, e.g.
Nutritive material
Stuff to burn
Petroleum or propane
Coal or peat
Coal or gas
Tank contents
... and what it contains
It may be a gas
Gulf offering
Oil, e.g.
Coke or coal
Mustang consumption
Peat, e.g.
Gasohol, for example
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